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Fresh Cut Grass and Imogen Temult were allies and friends. They often worked together due to their shared ability to read the minds of others, such as when both probed into Ashton Greymoore's memories. When they became trapped in Ashton's mind during a second attempt, they both refused to leave without the other.


Imogen and FCG have cast Detect Thoughts on each other simultaneously, in an effort to see what would happen.[1] However, Imogen had to later clarify to FCG that she did not want them detecting her thoughts without her explicit permission, after they tried doing so.[2]

FCG was interested in helping Imogen through her frequent nightmares, and has suggested that Imogen try to bring Laudna into the dreams with her.[3]

Imogen has repeatedly insisted to them that FCG is alive.[4]

FCG was the first person Imogen confided in after she saw various figures within the dream during a Ruidus flare.[5]

Imogen wants to support FCG as well, and told Laudna she wanted to pretend as though they were still fighting so that they could let FCG feel as though they had helped them reconcile.[6]

Much later, Imogen was happy for them when Pike Trickfoot confirmed they had a soul when they were seeking help in Whitestone for Laudna.[7]

Later, the both agreed that the party was responsible, in a way, for Lord Ariks Eshteross's death as Otohan Thull learned of his involvement through them.[8]

FCG still frequently cast Shared Dream to assist Imogen and to help her connect with others, including Laudna.[9] Even though both found themselves less aligned as FCG pursued their faith in the Changebringer.[10] He did so again after the party was separated to see if Imogen could contact the others through her dreams.[11]

As the party was split up due to the events of the apogee solstice, the two worked together while in Uthodurn[12] and Molaesmyr to communicate within the group and to help uncover some of F.R.I.D.A.'s memories, much as they had done with Ashton.[13]

Days later, they also worked together in order to talk to Dancer in Yios, with Imogen making the initial conversation and then introducing FCG.[14]

Back in Whitestone after their travel to the Shattered Teeth, Ashton attempted to absorb the shard of Rau'shan, Imogen and FCG remained with them and expressed their anger and worry.[15]

Following FCG's sacrifice to kill Otohan and save the rest of the party on Ruidus, Imogen kissed her fingers and put them on the ground, thanking them while crying.[16]


Other intraparty relationships[]

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