Fjord and Veth are friends. They like to annoy and make fun of each other, but are also willing to go out of their way to help each other achieve their goals.

At first, their relationship was mostly negative. A few of their early interactions caused them to be a bit antagonistic towards each other, especially coming from Nott. However, after Veth's true identity and story was revealed, Fjord understood and sympathized with her, having also lived a traumatic drowning experience. They both learned to respect each other over time, and their teasing evolved to become much friendlier and playful, but they rarely talk about personal matters with each other.


During their first meeting in Trostenwald, Fjord spotted Nott planning to steal the gold he, Jester and Beau had just earned, and instantly mistrusted her and called her behavior "creepy" and "disgusting".[1] For a long time, there was tension in their relationship caused by Nott's belief that Caleb was the group's "leader", as she viewed Fjord's tendency to take charge as a challenge to Caleb.

Nott hoped to steal Fjord's letter of recommendation to the Soltryce Academy for Caleb to use instead. She got caught by Molly, who told Fjord about it, and Fjord was very angry when he found her looking through his things.[citation needed] Fjord set a trap after Nott's initial theft attempt, and caught her the next time she tried. He used this opportunity to ask why she was after the letter, and Molly Charmed Nott, forcing her to tell the truth about her need for Caleb to get more powerful to help save her. Fjord insisted that the Mighty Nein could also help if she trusted them, but Nott insisted that they couldn't. When Nott hinted that Caleb could help change her body, Fjord told her he understood what it felt like to be ashamed of your body, and opened up a bit about his childhood. Fjord promised that if the letter couldn't help him out, he would give it to Caleb, and that he would make sure to protect Caleb until then. When the spell ended, Nott was angry, and treated Fjord with hostility afterwards.[2]

After Fjord was kidnapped by the Iron Shepherds along with Jester and Yasha, Nott insisted that she wanted to save them not because they were useful to Caleb and her, but because she had come to care about them.[3]

When Nott was reluctant to accompany the group into the ocean, Fjord jokingly told her a story about a ship full of buttons that sank so she would feel better about going underwater in the Diver's Grave.[4]. Although meant as a friendly jest, he did not realize this was a sensitive topic for Nott, who appeared to be annoyed by it. However, Nott has been supportive of Fjord's desire to learn more about his patron despite her fear of water.[5]

Fjord: Nott, I have to say I've been feeling pretty bad hearing that you drowned previously. I want to apologize for making you face your fear over and over again. No, I've been giving you some shit, and as someone who has experienced the same thing, I commend you for your bravery.
Fjord's apology to Nott[6]

After learning about Nott's life and family, seeing that Nott had to leave her son Luc in Felderwin, Fjord insisted that he should be sent to hide somewhere safe, as he believed the people who had hired Nott's husband might come back for Luc.[7] Later, Fjord apologized for his insensitivity about her fear of water (being particularly understanding, having drowned himself) and thanked her for facing her fear in order to help him.[8]

During their travels to Xhorhas their relationship has developed into one of more reciprocal teasing and banter.[9]

Fjord: Nott doesn't seem to care about me, but I care about her, it's okay.

Nott: I care about you, Fjord.

Fjord: Tell me again.
Fjord and Nott care about each other [10]

When Fjord came clean to the group about his fake accent and went back to using his old one, Nott expressed disappointment in the way he now said the words "Eldritch Blast". After becoming a paladin of Melora, Fjord tested his powers by casting an Eldritch Blast and made sure to say the words in his fake accent just for Nott, who was very pleased.[11]

Just before her transformation, Nott said a few words to every member of the Mighty Nein. She apologized to Fjord for calling him weak, saying only did it because she knew he was strong enough to take it.[12]

As a part of their banter, Fjord and Veth have sometimes seemed to overtly flirt with one another, though the sincerity of these interactions is dubious. On one occasion, Veth complimented Fjord's strength and rope pulling ability and finished by saying "if I weren't married..."[13] during the preparations to fight against the dragon turtle, Veth told him his taking command was turning her on a little bit.[14] After the battle with the Aeorian abominations, Fjord retrieved Veth from the inside of the fallen monster, taking on the persona of a gallant hero, romantically saving her and cradling her body in his arms. Veth responded to his banter by saying she could barely feel his very skinny body.[15]


  • Travis has stated on Talks Machina that he likes to mess with Sam, which has informed the way Fjord interacts with Nott,[16] while Sam has commented that Nott feels she and Fjord are very similar people and is sometimes annoyed by that.[citation needed]
  • Veth and Fjord have both had a complicated relationship with their racial identity. Fjord struggles with the fact that he is a half-orc, and doesn't feel like he belongs anywhere, while Nott had a deep hatred for goblins. However, since Nott has transformed back into the halfling Veth, they no longer have this in common.
  • Nott once pretended to be Fjord's daughter, as they both had green skin.[citation needed]

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