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Molly and Fjord had a generally friendly relationship and often roomed together.[1]


Fjord and Molly first met in Trostenwald at The Nestled Nook Inn. On their first night sharing a room, Fjord wanted to learn about Molly's ritual with his swords. He hoped that Molly might have knowledge about magical swords that could be helpful to him as he searched for the meaning of his falchion. Before Molly's amnesia was revealed, Fjord realized Molly was lying about where his swords and his powers came from, but decided not to confront Molly or tell anyone else.[2] Later, in Zadash, he asked to join in on the sword ritual despite knowing Molly had been lying, and Molly agreed.[3]

When Nott attempted to steal Fjord's recommendation letter for the Soltryce Academy, Molly confronted her and then informed Fjord.[4] Molly and Fjord then worked together to confront Nott when she made a second attempt, with Molly casting Devil's Tongue to get her to tell the truth.[5] The two frequently collaborated in Zadash, particularly when they jointly caused a distraction at The Guided Hand Infirmary.[6] Molly relied on Fjord when Cree Deeproots recognized him at the Evening Nip, asking him to "go with it."[7]

When Molly revealed the truth about what he knew about his past, Fjord was very inquisitive, but primarily focused on potential dangers to the Mighty Nein that could arise, and respected why Molly had chosen not to reveal this information in the past.[8][9]

In Berleben, Fjord confided in Molly about his concerns about the new eye in the center of his falchion, feeling that Molly was familiar with strange happenings.[10] Molly, for his part, was very interested in the details of the falchion, particularly after Fjord found the first Cloven Crystal, and attempted to magically charm Fjord to get the answer, but the spell failed.[11]

Fjord and Molly had very different feelings about obligation. Shortly after Molly was nearly arrested in Trostenwald and the others went to check on him, he stated he owed them nothing, to which Fjord responded "Oh I don't know about that."[12] However, by the time the party had been traveling together for a month, Molly respected Fjord's opinions enough to choose to help the children of Schuster family because Fjord explained he'd grown up in an orphanage and would not wish that on these children.[13]

After being rescued from the Iron Shepherds and learning that Molly had died, Fjord was saddened. He felt like the death was partially his fault for not being able to fight back when the Iron Shepherds kidnapped him. He incorporated Molly's sword, Summer's Dance, into his pact weapon to honor Molly's memory.[14]

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