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Fearne Calloway and Laudna are allies and friends. With Imogen Temult, they like to call themselves the "Witches Bitches".


After Bells Hells' fight with Lord Ariks Eshteross, there was a moment where both Fearne and Laudna spoke at the same time to say something similar to one another about the conversation. Both found each other really lovely. Fearne particularly liked Laudna's whole aesthetic.[1]

During a night's rest aboard the Silver Sun above the Hellcatch Valley, Fearne has engaged in some mischief with Laudna's puppets, notably moving them around so that Laudna thought they were animated on their own.[2]

When Laudna and Orym both died by the hand of Otohan Thull, Fearne, who didn't know what to do at first, had to flip a coin of the Changebringer given by Fresh Cut Grass to decide who to bring back, putting her in a very uncomfortable position. Ultimately, she resurrected Orym, though she was upset about having to make the choice.[3]

Not long after Laudna's eventual resurrection, she approached Fearne to ask for some guidance in fire-related magic and Fearne was excited to assist. She also expressed her regret about not being able to save Laudna, and asked her how she was feeling. Laudna told her that she was feeling somewhat uneasy about herself, but that she understood Fearne's actions and would happily blame the Changebringer instead.[4] The druid then showed Laudna how to cast fire magic, and invited Laudna to do the same, targeting her and Little Mister. Laudna cast Fireball at Fearne, burning her and her surroundings pretty heavily, but Fearne was supportive and did not seem to mind.[5]

While in the Feywild, Fearne introduced Laudna to the magical flowers after Laudna seemed interested, and encouraged her singing.[6]

Some time later, Fearne joined Laudna and Imogen Temult in exploring Whitestone Castle and was also present when Delilah Briarwood manifested in the basement. She also realized that Imogen and Laudna were in a relationship and was very excited for both of them. She told to the two Sorcerers that it was something she has really wanted for them.[7]


Other intraparty relationships[]

Intraparty Relationships of Bells Hells
Ashton Chetney Fearne FCG Imogen Laudna Orym
Ashton Ashton Ashton & Chetney Ashton & Fearne Ashton & FCG Ashton & Imogen Ashton & Laudna Ashton & Orym
Chetney Chetney & Ashton Chetney Chetney & Fearne Chetney & FCG Chetney & Imogen Chetney & Laudna Chetney & Orym
Fearne Fearne & Ashton Fearne & Chetney Fearne Fearne & FCG Fearne & Imogen Fearne & Laudna Fearne & Orym
FCG FCG & Ashton FCG & Chetney FCG & Fearne Fresh Cut Grass FCG & Imogen FCG & Laudna FCG & Orym
Imogen Imogen & Ashton Imogen & Chetney Imogen & Fearne Imogen & FCG Imogen Imogen & Laudna Imogen & Orym
Laudna Laudna & Ashton Laudna & Chetney Laudna & Fearne Laudna & FCG Laudna & Imogen Laudna Laudna & Orym
Orym Orym & Ashton Orym & Chetney Orym & Fearne Orym & FCG Orym & Imogen Orym & Laudna Orym


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