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FCG being a flask - BlackSalander

Fan art of Fearne using FCG as a flask, by BlackSalander.[art 1]

Fearne Calloway and Fresh Cut Grass are friends. The two of them got along very well from the start.


Fearne and FCG met, like most of the party, during a fight against living furniture in Jrusar. That same evening, the two of them teamed up to try and help Ashton Greymoore cheat at a card game.[1] During the game of "What the fuck is up with that?", Fearne indicated interest in FCG's mechanical composition, stating that she "would love to see [their] insides".[2] The next day, Fearne asked for coffee to go and FCG offered to carry it inside his body for her like a thermos, which she was delighted by.[3] FCG later used this strategy to carry alcohol, which Fearne drank out of their mouth with a straw that she had previously acquired for this very purpose.[4]

After the group introduced themselves to Chetney Pock O'Pea, the gnome had a clear preference for Fearne and FCG. Chetney stated that they were fighting for the "top spot in his heart", which promted FCG to immediately forfeit, stating that Fearne was delightful. He then asked her why she had a habit of stealing things, with emphasis on the fact that he did not judge her for it, but wanted to know if she did it to make up for something missing in her life. Fearne agreed that it could be the case, although she mostly took things to have keepsakes of her adventures.[5]

Fearne is just a delight. Although I will say this, Fearne: you're a delightful person. You're wonderful to be around. You're so sweet and nice, but sometimes I wonder, why do you take things?
FCG's early impressions of Fearne[6]

FCG resurrected Fearne after she was killed by Otohan Thull, telling her that while she'd had some difficulties with her family, they needed her to come back and be with the rest of Bells Hells. The resurrection was successful.[7] He also lent Fearne the Changebringer coin he had recently gotten from Imahara Joe, which she reluctantly flipped as she only had the spells to bring back one of Orym and Laudna. She kept the coin initially,[8] and refused to return it at first.[9]

Eventually, she gave it back after FCG pointed out that while the coin "ruled" Laudna would stay dead, it also is why Fearne brought Orym back to life.[10]

The two of them stayed behind initially on the Silver Sun with Ira Wendagoth with the intent of flying it into the Malleus Key on the eve of the apogee solstice to try and stop Ludinus Da'leth's plan, but left and joined the rest of the party after Orym told FCG, via Sending, that they would be useful to have at the Tishtan excavation site.[11] The two were then, along with Chetney and Imogen Temult, transported to the Crystalsands Tundra in Wildemount following the activation of the Malleus Key.[12]

Fearne continued to feel unsure about the Changebringer and FCG's following of her, and believed he had purpose without the gods.[13] However, while traveling to Molaesmyr not long after, Fearne suggested FCG use the coin and talk to the Changebringer to help guide the party.[14]

The two went with Orym to visit Will and Derrig's graves while in Zephrah as emotional support.[15]

In the Shattered Teeth, Fearne admitted she was beginning to develop a sense of guilt to FCG after they apologized for being short with her.[16]

On Ruidus, they repeatedly found themselves working together. They both were interested in communicating with the herds of Wuukor, though the party ultimately chose not to.[17]

They were walking back some of the young Ruby Vanguard members to the caravan in the outskirts of Razora but were spotted by Otohan Thull waiting at the caravan. Otohan, surprised to see them there, attempted to get Fearne to talk by attacking FCG, as Fearne's Ruidusborn status meant she was wanted alive, but FCG was able to help them both escape by Banishing himself and the druid.[18]

Fearne and FCG, along with Ashton, went on the Volition sabotage mission to detonate an excavation around the Prime Pillar of Vaterra Kreviris being helmed by Sorrowlord Athion Zathuda.[19]

After FCG sacrificed themself to kill Otohan Thull, Fearne, along with Orym, gathered up the pieces of their shattered chassis.[20] Fearne was also the closest to FCG when he did his sacrifice.

When it was time to gear to go to their next mission to Eiselcross to find Ludinus, Bells Hells, accompanied by Essek Thelyss in disguise, went to Zadash to find some information. When the party was shopping for new clothes and equipement, they agreed to wear a piece of FCG on them to remember him. Fearne, who kept FCG's blue jacket, made small modifications to it and she wears it on her current outfit.[21][22]


Other intraparty relationships[]

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Ashton Chetney Fearne FCG Imogen Laudna Orym
Ashton Ashton Ashton & Chetney Ashton & Fearne Ashton & FCG Ashton & Imogen Ashton & Laudna Ashton & Orym
Chetney Chetney & Ashton Chetney Chetney & Fearne Chetney & FCG Chetney & Imogen Chetney & Laudna Chetney & Orym
Fearne Fearne & Ashton Fearne & Chetney Fearne Fearne & FCG Fearne & Imogen Fearne & Laudna Fearne & Orym
FCG FCG & Ashton FCG & Chetney FCG & Fearne Fresh Cut Grass FCG & Imogen FCG & Laudna FCG & Orym
Imogen Imogen & Ashton Imogen & Chetney Imogen & Fearne Imogen & FCG Imogen Imogen & Laudna Imogen & Orym
Laudna Laudna & Ashton Laudna & Chetney Laudna & Fearne Laudna & FCG Laudna & Imogen Laudna Laudna & Orym
Orym Orym & Ashton Orym & Chetney Orym & Fearne Orym & FCG Orym & Imogen Orym & Laudna Orym


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