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Chetney Pock O'Pea and Orym are allies.


Chetney and Orym had an early bonding moment while the group was making their masks for the masquerade ball in Jrusar when Orym carved his mask out of wood and showed great potential for woodcarving, making Chetney proud.[1] Later, Chetney asked Orym about his moon tattoo, and Orym explained it was to help him remember his husband, Will, who had been killed six years earlier in the attack on Zephrah.[2].

During the heist in the Twilight Mirror Museum, Orym was lowered on a rope down to rescue a trapped Chetney, who had assumed his wolf form trying to survive the acid in the bottom of the pit. While they were being pulled upward, the badly wounded Chetney succumbed to his Order of the Lycan bloodlust and attacked Orym before being healed enough to regain control.[3] Feeling bad about the incident, Chetney gave Orym two of the wooden gifts promised to each of the party in return for their help: a small bowl in the shape of a crescent moon, and a wooden box carved with images of flowers and of the two moons.[4]

While Bells Hells traveled to Yios aboard the Silver Sun, Orym and Fearne Calloway were present when a flare of Ruidus unexpectedly turned Chetney into his wolf form. Attempting to protect Fearne, Orym approached and tried to take the brunt of Chetney's attack upon himself, thrusting his sword through Chetney's foot to pin him to the deck, trying repeatedly to knock him down, and pushing him away. During the battle, he took a claw attack to the face that left him with permanent scars across his eye.[5] After Bells Hells met with the Gorgynei and travelled with them to Zha'Vrollo, Chetney went through Sahyaadon's trial to improve his control over his Lycanthropy, as part of which he was transformed into a bigger and more terrifying incarnation of his wolf form and Orym and the rest of the group had to fight him while the blood hunter tried to regain control. Orym attempted to appeal to Chetney's woodworker mind by showing him an almost-completed wooden wolf Orym had been carving.[6] Later, Orym gifted Chetney the crudely carved wolf, and Chetney gave him a chisel that could also serve as a dagger. Orym showed him his newly-enchanted sword, which he had named "Seedling, the Wayward Pilgrim".[7]

When the group visited Orym's mother in Zephrah, Chetney presented her with a wooden statue of Orym in a deep lunge with his sword out and holding up his shield over his back, telling her that her son was "quite the hero" and had saved the group multiple times. Orym then realized that several of his old toys had also been made by Chetney.[8] During Bells Hells' truth-telling team-building exercise, Orym admitted that although he'd always laughed it off, he did kind of wonder if Chetney was his father.[9]


  • Orym: (to Chetney) I'm glad you're here. I'm glad we were able to help you figure things out. I don't love you coming after me so regularly, but we'll deal with it.
    Chetney: Orym, you're one of the bravest people I know. It's incredible. You're so young and handsome. [Orym's hand-carved wolf] is truly awful. It's really, really bad. But look.
    Orym: It's true.
    Chetney: It's the thought that counts. If you just stick with it for a couple hundred years, we could refine this into something that could be a paper weight.[10]
  • Chetney: (to Orym) I don't know much about the gods or if they're listening, but if they are paying attention to someone, I'm glad it's you.[11]


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