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Laudna and Chetney by Biorust

Fan art of Laudna and Chetney, by Biorust.[art 1]

Chetney Pock O'Pea and Laudna are allies. When they first met, Chetney and Laudna discovered they shared a passion for wood working and showed each other their favorite tools. Both Laudna and Chetney consider themselves to be "cursed" due to Chetney's lycanthropy and Laudna's warlock pact with Delilah Briarwood. Chetney made Laudna a wooden house for her puppets Pâté and Sashimi to live in, and Laudna thinks of Chetney as an inspiration regarding accepting her curse.[1][2] Chetney was the first member of Bells Hells to be told by Laudna that she was dating Imogen Temult.[3]


In order to better learn about Chetney, Laudna and FCG attempted to interrogate him about who he was by playing good cop and bad cop. Laudna introduced Pâté to Chetney after introductions, and told Chetney that Pâté liked him.[4] When Chetney was upset about sleeping in and missing his chance to sleep with Fearne Calloway, Laudna went to his room and comforted him.[5] Chetney had originally planned to wood carve a partner for Pâté, but ended up making a wooden house for the familiar and Laudna's puppet, Sashimi.[6][7] After FCG attacked the group, Laudna stepped away from the group and Chetney checked in on her.[8] On the journey to bring Laudna back to life, Chetney successfully negotiated with Delilah Briarwood, with assistance from Fearne, to see Laudna and speak with her. Chetney told Delilah that he missed Laudna very much and wanted to bring her back.[9]

Sky Sailing by Chai

Fan art of Laudna, Chetney and Imogen sky sailing in "Nice" (3x69), by chaiteadraws.[art 2]

When the party reunited after being split up, Laudna asked where Chetney was.[10] Laudna incorporated Chetney's wooden house into a backpack for herself.[11] On their visit to Zephrah, Laudna told Chetney that Imogen was her girlfriend, making Chetney the first person to find out the two were dating. Chetney told them that was "nice!"[12] Also in Zephrah, Chetney and Laudna went skysailing together and started dogfighting in the sky.[13] Bells Hells discussed cursed beings after boarding the Crimson Abyss, and Laudna told Chetney that he was an inspiration to her because of how comfortable he was with his situation as a werewolf.[14]

When Laudna fled after Ashton attempted to absorb the shard of Rau'shan, the group went out looking for her. When Laudna ran away from the group, Chetney tackled her and told her to stop running. Laudna told Chetney that she needed to be kept away from Ashton or she was going to kill him. Chetney made the group freeze except for Imogen and had her approach to comfort Laudna.[15]


Other intraparty relationships[]

Intraparty Relationships of Bells Hells
Ashton Chetney Fearne FCG Imogen Laudna Orym
Ashton Ashton Ashton & Chetney Ashton & Fearne Ashton & FCG Ashton & Imogen Ashton & Laudna Ashton & Orym
Chetney Chetney & Ashton Chetney Chetney & Fearne Chetney & FCG Chetney & Imogen Chetney & Laudna Chetney & Orym
Fearne Fearne & Ashton Fearne & Chetney Fearne Fearne & FCG Fearne & Imogen Fearne & Laudna Fearne & Orym
FCG FCG & Ashton FCG & Chetney FCG & Fearne Fresh Cut Grass FCG & Imogen FCG & Laudna FCG & Orym
Imogen Imogen & Ashton Imogen & Chetney Imogen & Fearne Imogen & FCG Imogen Imogen & Laudna Imogen & Orym
Laudna Laudna & Ashton Laudna & Chetney Laudna & Fearne Laudna & FCG Laudna & Imogen Laudna Laudna & Orym
Orym Orym & Ashton Orym & Chetney Orym & Fearne Orym & FCG Orym & Imogen Orym & Laudna Orym


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