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Chetney Pock O'Pea and Imogen Temult are allies.


Their relationship started slightly at odds, since not long after meeting Chetney, Imogen saw him steal a large amount of money without sharing it with the rest of the party.[1]

However, the two do look out for each other. In Yios, Chetney encouraged Imogen to relax after some difficult experiences.[2]

They both were teleported to the Crystalsands Tundra in Wildemount along with Fearne Calloway and Fresh Cut Grass after the events at the Malleus Key on Marquet. Chetney lost control of his lycanthropic abilities, Imogen questioned why and the two discussed his time with the Gorgynei and realized the apogee solstice was heightening his curse.[3]

Later, after reaching Uthodurn, Chetney asked Imogen how she felt about her mother's involvement with the Ruby Vanguard's plan, and how she wanted Bells Hells to proceed if they ran into Liliana again. Imogen admitted she felt conflicted, as her mother's voice had always been something she heeded in her dreams, but Liliana had helped release Predathos, and wondered if acting sooner would have changed the outcome. She told Chetney that given the harm the Vanguard may have done, she understands if the party were to consider Liliana an enemy.[4]

After Chetney told Bells Hells during their team-building exercises made by Nana Morri in the Feywild that he had a fear of abandonment after his family fled without leaving notice, Imogen and FCG hugged him.[5]

When Imogen learned the Volition planned to assassinate her mother, Chetney, along with several others in the party, encouraged her to reach out to her mother in some capacity, even if she did not go on the mission herself. He told her "you only get one mom," in reference to Imogen wondering what to do.[6]


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