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Molly kissing Caleb's forehead - Zoe Roellin

Fan art of Molly kissing Caleb's forehead, by Zoe Roellin.[art 1]

Caleb and Mollymauk didn't have the opportunity to get very close, but were friends. Molly showed concern for Caleb, and though Caleb was reluctant to get close to people, he respected Molly and thought of him fondly.


Caleb and Molly met in Trostenwald along with the rest of the Mighty Nein.

When Caleb dissociated after burning a man to death in a gnoll lair, Mollymauk doused the flames, slapped Caleb in the face and encouraged him to deal with those feelings later. Molly then asked if Caleb was alright, and kissed him on the forehead.[1]

When the party later pressed Caleb on his dissociation and he pointed out that it was a traumatizing experience, Molly suggested using alcohol to numb the pain.[2]

The two did, however, clash from time to time, especially during their time in Zadash. After the party defeated the phase spider in the sewers, Molly confronted Caleb, pinning him to the wall, after Caleb took loot without sharing it with the rest of the party,[3] deliberately taking advantage of Caleb's discomfort with close contact.[4] Molly was also very frustrated with Caleb, along with Nott after the party's expedition to the High Richter's house, as he felt that Caleb and Nott did not have the interests of the group at heart.[5]

At the same time, Caleb was one of the most vocal party members in validating Molly's identity and respecting Molly's name and decision to distance himself from his unremembered past.[6]

After Molly's death, Caleb took it upon himself to give him a proper burial. Caleb dug Molly's grave with his cat's paw, removed Molly's coat, and wrapped him in his tapestry. He wrote a note and placed it in the folds of Molly's clothes, then hammered a branch into the ground above the grave like a post, and hung Molly's coat from it.[7]

Caleb included a stained glass window in the library of his nine-sided tower that was reminiscent of Mollymauk's coat to honor his memory.

After the Mighty Nein defeated Lucien, Caleb was the one who attempted to bring Mollymauk back to life, destroying his transmuter's stone in the process. When the resurrection ritual initially failed, Caleb planned to bring his body back to the material plane with his amber vault so that he may be buried again.[8]


  • Answering a fan's question Taliesin and Liam confirmed that, even if Molly would have been willing to seduce most of the members of the Mighty Nein, it would have taken a lot of sessions of bonding for Caleb and Molly to end up together (since during the time they actually spent together while Molly was still alive in Campaign Two Caleb wasn't in a good place mentally, and wouldn't have been ready for a romantic and/or sexual relationship).[9]

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