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Caleb and Fjord - fl0werb0ys

Fan art of Caleb and Fjord, by fl0werb0ys.[art 1]


Caleb Widogast and Fjord are good friends and members of the Mighty Nein. They have at times butted heads, but trust each other deeply and have admitted to each other that they share many similarities.[1][2]


Caleb and Fjord first met at the The Nestled Nook Inn in Trostenwald at the beginning of the campaign. They quickly found themselves taking the lead on many social encounters, as the only two members at the time with high charisma. Early on in the campaign, Caleb felt Fjord was his closest friend other than Nott, and that he was a good leader.[3]

The two of them clashed once the party entered Zadash, as Fjord was interested in traveling to the Soltryce Academy, with which Caleb had a history. It came to a head during their espionage mission for The Knights of Requital; when Caleb attempted to steal a spell scroll, Fjord held the Sword of Fathoms to his throat for jeopardizing the mission and threatened Caleb and Nott with an eldritch blast.[4] Caleb took this moment into consideration several times throughout the campaign, including while searching for Fjord, Jester, and Yasha after they were taken by the Iron Shepherds[5], but after the three kidnapped party members were recovered, he joined Beau in comforting Fjord.[6]

During their time on Darktow Isle and the Balleater, Caleb and Fjord realized they shared a curiosity for the arcane, eventually making an agreement to help each other in the future.[7] It was also during this time that Caleb realized Fjord at times spoke in a different accent, and mentioned this in passing.[8]

In Xhorhas, Fjord and Caleb often roomed together until the party was given The Xhorhaus. As a result Caleb observed Fjord the night he first lost his warlock powers[9] and later confronted Fjord, offering to tell him some of his own past in exchange; Fjord tells him he is not yet ready, but they affirm their friendship.[10]

Following Fjord throwing the sword into the Cinderrest Sanctum, Caleb was the first member of the Mighty Nein to offer Fjord a magic item, giving him the Glove of Blasting.[11] The two of them continue to be close, and admit to their shared control issues and achieve closure on the incident at High Richter Dayana Prucine's home in Uthodurn.[12]

In Rexxentrum, Caleb brings Fjord along with him and Nott to see the Soltryce Academy, which Fjord had, at the start of the campaign, wished to attend.[13] He later holds up the second part of his deal in revealing his past on the Ball-eater[14] shortly before Fjord is killed by servants of Uk'otoa; during this conversation Fjord tells Caleb that he trusts him in all matters pertaining to the Cerberus Assembly[15]. Caleb prevents Fjord's body from being taken by the servants of Uk'otoa by counterspelling an attempted dimension door[16] and tells him to breathe after his resurrection.[17]

When Caleb realizes Fjord and Jester have become romantically involved, he quietly accepts it, despite his own feelings towards Jester.[18] Caleb finally calls in his favor they made at the Diver's Grave after the first red eye of the Somnovem appears on him, asking Fjord to protect the rest of the party against him if necessary. [19]


In the Critical Role Campaign 2 Wrap Up, Liam noted that early on, Caleb thought Fjord was "real hot".[20]

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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Yasha Beauregard & Yasha Caduceus & Yasha Caleb & Yasha Fjord & Yasha Jester & Yasha Mollymauk & Yasha Veth & Yasha Yasha


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  1. Fan art of Caleb and Fjord, by fl0werb0ys (source). Used with permission.