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Caduceus and Yasha Bunchu

Fan art of Caduceus and Yasha, by Bunchu.[art 1]


Yasha and Caduceus have a friendly relationship and have been each other's confidants. Though their friendship had a shaky start, they became closer as Yasha sought Caduceus's guidance in following the path laid out for her by the Storm Lord, and Caduceus occasionally confided his own insecurities to her in return.

According to Ashley Johnson, Yasha and Caduceus “have a really cool connection.”[1] Yasha considers Caduceus to be one of her examples for how to approach a relationship with a god, and found herself “going toward him like a moth to a flame.”[2][3]


Caduceus and Yasha first met properly in Nicodranas, when Yasha reunited with the Mighty Nein for the first time since Molly’s death. Though Yasha said she didn’t believe in destiny, Caduceus pointed out, “but you dream about islands, and you go to them.” Yasha said that she wasn’t sure she liked him, but Caduceus replied, “I know I like you.”[4]

After Yasha was tested at sea by a creature sent by the Storm Lord, she and Jester sought Caduceus for help. He healed her and made tea, congratulating her on having gained the Storm Lord’s attention. He told Yasha that he thought she was heading towards her destination. Yasha then confided in Caduceus and Jester about her past in the Dolorav Tribe and the death of her wife Zuala.[5]

After Caduceus was accidentally killed by Nott's explosive bolt, Caduceus admitted to Yasha that he wasn't entirely sure he knew what his purpose was anymore. He confessed that he was grateful for the brief moment he'd been dead because of the vision from Melora he had received, which he wasn't sure was healthy. Yasha told him that tragedy could give perspective, and that she hoped the Nein wouldn't let Caduceus get killed again.[6]

I'm not here to tell you how to feel what you're going to feel. Just make sure that for whatever grief and rage and anger that you're going to process, that you just put ten, twenty percent of it on someone else and not just yourself. You don't have to do too much, but you have to do a little bit with other people. You can't do it alone.
Caduceus's advice to Yasha [7]

In the battle in the Chantry of the Dawn, Caduceus cast Dispel Magic on the symbol on the back of Yasha's neck, freeing her from Obann’s control.[8] Some time after Yasha deliberately lost her fight with Kal Dimmins, Caduceus sought her out to discuss the incident. Yasha admitted it might not have been the healthiest way to process her grief and anger, but Caduceus said he wouldn’t question her grieving process. He asked her to put some of her grief and rage on her friends, and not try to carry it alone. Yasha asked if she could sleep in Caduceus’s room that night, since she was scared to sleep alone. Caduceus happily assented.[9]

In the beer hall in Rexxentrum, the two talked about Yasha’s purpose, with Caduceus assuring Yasha that her chains were broken. He noticed that her hair was starting to turn white at the roots, and encouraged her not to wait to leave behind whatever was still holding her back, since "patience is fine, but it can curdle into apathy."[10] This deeply affected Yasha, and it meant a lot to her to have a friend notice that she was changing for the better.[11]

Caduceus then confided in Yasha in return, admitting that he didn’t want to go home to his family yet, as he was afraid he’d miss travelling with the Nein. He wanted to make sure all their friends were heading in the right direction before leaving. Yasha told him, “I think you're pretty great, Caduceus,” and he said he thought the same about her.[12]

When Caduceus chose to stay with his family in the Blooming Grove after Lucien and Trent were defeated, Yasha gave him a hug and asked if she could have some seeds.[13] Yasha later planted one of the seeds at Zuala's grave.[14]

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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