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Caduceus and Veth get along well, but don't interact often with each other. They have both expressed that they have trouble understanding the other. However, the two of them talk quite casually when they happen to interact, and seem to trust each other.

Despite their casual relationship, the two have shared relatively traumatic moments. Veth accidentally caused Caduceus's temporary death, and he was the one who later brought her son, Luc, back to life after he was killed by a fire elemental.


The two met when the Mighty Nein came to Caduceus for help in fighting the Iron Shepherds. Nott was initially suspicious of Caduceus, wondering what he wanted in return for helping them.[1] Caduceus was disappointed in Nott for the amount of her drinking, although he would never say that out loud.[2]

During a conversation on watch, Caduceus remarked that he had thought he had her figured out, but was apparently incorrect. Nott has also had issues trying to understand Caduceus. With time, Nott became more welcoming towards him, especially when he was having a mental breakdown after their fight in Nicodranas.[3]

Caduceus encouraged Nott to deal with her emotions without alcohol after she told the group about her reincarnation, but seemed sympathetic and understanding of her addiction.[4]

Caduceus was accidentally killed by one of Nott's explosive arrows under the well in Asarius.[5] However, after he was revived, he accepted her apology and explained that he wasn't upset.[6]

Veth and Caduceus were opposed on what the Nein should do with Essek and the Cerberus Assembly after they discovered their part in causing the war. While Veth thought that those who had done wrong should be punished, Caduceus thought that it would only bring more pain, and that they should focus on stopping evil, not punishing it.[7]

While the group hid from Trent Ikithon in the plane of fire, they were attacked by a fire elemental for trespassing. During the fight, the elemental caused an explosion of fire, which killed Luc, Veth's son, who had been brought along. Caduceus managed to finally kill the elemental, then quickly moved to Luc's body and cast Revivify, bringing him back to life.[8]

After the group safely reached the Evening Nip, Veth thanked Caduceus again for saving Luc. She asked his advice about whether she should stay with her family or go with the party. He asked Veth what her greatest fear was. When Veth answered that she feared her son might resent her for leaving, Caduceus told her he didn't fear for Luc's happiness even if bad things happened, but that he, Caduceus, needed her. Veth decided to follow the Mighty Nein, implying that she did it as a favor to Caduceus for saving Luc.[9]

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