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Jester and Caduceus at the Xhorhaus

Fan art of Jester and Caduceus at the Xhorhaus, by Sam Hogg.[art 1]


Caduceus and Jester are good friends. They have similar cheerful attitudes and are both seeing the world outside their isolated upbringings for the first time. Though their relationships with their respective deities are very different, they frequently work together as the two clerics of the party.

Taliesin Jaffe has said that Caduceus has come to see Jester as his rock in the party.[1] He feels like Jester "doesn't quite have her shit together", but that she's doing fine.[2]


Caduceus and Jester first met in the Sour Nest, after he joined the mission to free her, Fjord and Yasha from the Iron Shepherds. She told Caduceus that she liked his hair, and he said that he liked hers too.[3] After the group travelled back to the Empire, the two spent some time shopping together in Zadash, visiting Suvo's Secrets and enjoying the strange range of items for sale.[4]

Jester: The world is a lot bigger than your cemetery. There are a lot of things for you to see, and you have to break out of your comfort zone in order to find the path that you are looking for.
Caduceus: I think I needed to hear that.
Jester comforts Caduceus after his near-drowning [5]

When Caduceus was almost left behind when the Mighty Nein absconded with The Mistake and had to swim to the ship, he was visibly distressed and doubted his place in the party.[6] Jester went to comfort him, and Caduceus admitted that he'd thought he was on the path set out for him by the Wildmother, but that he was now worried he'd made a mistake. Jester told him that sometimes she thought the Traveler had left her, but it always turned out that she was on the right path. She told Caduceus that the world was bigger than his cemetery and that he'd have to explore it to find his path.[7]

Caduceus's Revivify - Linda Lithén

Fan art of Jester casting Revivify on Caduceus, by Linda Lithén.[art 2]

Jester was horrified when Caduceus was accidentally killed by Nott’s explosive bolt, screaming “No!” as she ran to cast Revivify on him. She asked the Traveler to tell the Wildmother that Caduceus needed help, and had a brief vision of Melora watching as she revived her fellow cleric. She hugged an exhausted Caduceus after he returned to life.[8] As the group settled into the Xhorhaus, Jester and Caduceus worked together to create enchanted lights for the rooftop garden, as well as a hot tub.[9]

At the Cinderrest Sanctum, Caduceus asked Jester if she was okay. She said that she was "always fine", but Caduceus told her no one was always fine. He said he didn't think she got all the credit she deserved, and that she deserved more pastries. Caduceus thanked Jester for helping him find the Kiln, and promised they'd help her sort out Traveler Con soon.[10]

During their travels, Caduceus and Jester frequently worked together in combat using their Cleric abilities.[11][12] Jester and Caduceus also shared a similar enthusiasm for shopping and fashion; in Nicodranas, they worked together to commission party outfits for every member of the Mighty Nein.[13]

At the Menagerie, Jester helped Caduceus by casting Greater Restoration on his petrified family members.[14] She then used Stone Shape to repair the shattered body of Corrin so that she could be revived. Caduceus thanked her and hugged her.[15] When Jester was disappointed not to have any pastries on board the Balleater, Caduceus baked a truffle cake. Though Caduceus didn't think it was very good, a delighted Jester hugged him, telling him it was "the best thing I've ever tasted."[16]

In the battle with Lucien in the heart of Cognouza, Caduceus cast Revivify on Jester when she was killed by a series of blows from Lucien's wings.[17] He then pulled her into the safety of Fjord's Marine Layer, where they once again worked in tandem to bring down Lucien through a combination of Jester's Guiding Bolt and Caduceus's Path to the Grave.[18] Moments after, both clerics aided in the revival of Caleb.[19]

When Caduceus parted ways with the Mighty Nein to stay with his family, Jester gave him a hug and thanked him for showing her that it was actually cool to heal people. Caduceus replied, "It's not as cool as a giant lollipop," and gifted her his Shield of Retribution.[20]


  • Jester was the one who first used, and presumably created, the nickname "Cad" for Caduceus, which caught on to the rest of the group, especially Beau.
    • His previous nicknames were "Clay" (by himself) "Mr. Clay" (by Nott), and "Deuce" (by Beau)

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

Intraparty Relationships of the Mighty Nein
Beauregard Caduceus Caleb Fjord Jester Mollymauk Veth Yasha
Beauregard Beauregard Caduceus & Beauregard Caleb & Beauregard Fjord & Beauregard Jester & Beauregard Mollymauk & Beauregard Veth & Beauregard Yasha & Beauregard
Caduceus Beauregard & Caduceus Caduceus Caleb & Caduceus Fjord & Caduceus Jester & Caduceus (not applicable) Veth & Caduceus Yasha & Caduceus
Caleb Beauregard & Caleb Caduceus & Caleb Caleb Fjord & Caleb Jester & Caleb Mollymauk & Caleb Veth & Caleb Yasha & Caleb
Fjord Beauregard & Fjord Caduceus & Fjord Caleb & Fjord Fjord Jester & Fjord Mollymauk & Fjord Veth & Fjord Yasha & Fjord
Jester Beauregard & Jester Caduceus & Jester Caleb & Jester Fjord & Jester Jester Mollymauk & Jester Veth & Jester Yasha & Jester
Mollymauk Beauregard & Mollymauk (not applicable) Caleb & Mollymauk Fjord & Mollymauk Jester & Mollymauk Mollymauk Veth & Mollymauk Yasha & Mollymauk
Veth Beauregard & Veth Caduceus & Veth Caleb & Veth Fjord & Veth Jester & Veth Mollymauk & Veth Veth Yasha & Veth
Yasha Beauregard & Yasha Caduceus & Yasha Caleb & Yasha Fjord & Yasha Jester & Yasha Mollymauk & Yasha Veth & Yasha Yasha


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