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Fjord's symbol of Melora - Doug Myers

Fan art of Fjord's symbol of Melora, by Doug Myers.[art 1]

Fjord and Caduceus are good friends. The two of them initially had little in common, but grew closer as they traveled. Fjord has come to rely on Caduceus's counsel when it comes to making responsible decisions and understanding others' motivations. Fjord and Caduceus have deep trust and respect for each other.

Caduceus has become something of a mentor to Fjord since the latter broke his pact with Uk'otoa, guiding him when he lost all his powers. Fjord even decided to make a pact with the Wildmother, inspired by Caduceus's bond with her. Caduceus considers Fjord to be something of an angsty teen.[1] However, he is very proud of Fjord for not being lured by the power that Uk'otoa seems to promise. Caduceus thinks it is very admirable that Fjord did not lose his sense of self during the Mighty Nein's time at sea.[2]


The two first met when Caduceus joined the Mighty Nein to rescue Fjord, Jester and Yasha from the Iron Shepherds. Fjord was initially confused by Caduceus. He was not sure what to make of the dead people tea​[3] or the fact that Caduceus lived in a cemetery.[4] Very quickly, Fjord became very impressed by Caduceus's insight skills. He often asks for his impressions on new people the Mighty Nein meet.

It's a very particular flavor of goodness that come from those who are offered so much temptation. I have some faith in you.
Caduceus to Fjord[5]

Caduceus has shown a general concern for Fjord's well-being regarding his patron, perhaps because of his much less tumultuous connection with his own deity. Caduceus once used a casting of Commune to find out about the whereabouts of Vandran, Fjord's old mentor, out of concern. When he told Fjord about it, the latter was surprised that he could learn something like this from his deity.[6] Fjord had expressed a general interest in how other people, including Caduceus, connect with their gods, hoping to find a way to circumvent Uk'otoa without losing access to magic.

As things with Uk'otoa got worse, Fjord began to confide more in Caduceus. After waking from a particularly violent dream whilst Caduceus was on watch, Fjord confessed to him about the dream and Caduceus convinced him to tell the rest of the group.[7]

That's what a champion is ambikyu

Fan art of Caduceus mentoring Fjord, by @ambikyu.[art 2]

When in "Chases and Trees" (2x65) the group came across a giant tree in the Barbed Fields, Fjord had another dream in which it seemed Caduceus's deity Melora, The Wildmother gave Fjord temporary protection from Uk'otoa's influence.[8] He spoke to Caduceus about this in "Beneath Bazzoxan" (2x66) and Caduceus helped him learn how to reach out to Melora.[9] After Fjord threw his sword into the forge's boiling lava and broke his pact with Uk'otoa, he woke Caduceus for guidance and told him he was inspired by him. The following day, he told the rest of the Mighty Nein what happened and dropped his accent imitating Vandran.[10]

After Fjord became a paladin of Melora, Caduceus presented him with the reforged Star Razor and told him to embrace his destiny.[11] Fjord continued to seek out Caduceus's guidance at times. After the fight under Rexxentrum, Caduceus presented Fjord with a custom symbol of the Wildmother that he had commissioned for him at Kravaraad.[12]

When Caduceus brought up the state of the Blooming Grove and his family in "Stone to Clay" (2x91), Fjord expressed his desire to travel to the Menagerie to help Caduceus with his quest to save his home. It was also at this time that Fjord discovered that the name that he had been given in the orphanage and thereafter rejected, "Stone", was also the name of the family that keeps the Menagerie for the Wildmother. While Fjord believed this was a coincidence, Caduceus disagreed and thought it meant something, though he wasn't sure what yet.[13]

Caduceus and Fjord - Haven Burley

Fan art of "Stop fighting me", by Haven Burley.[art 3]

As Fjord was attacked by minions of Uk'otoa, Caduceus fought with rage until they were all destroyed. However, Fjord didn't survive the encounter. Caduceus brought Fjord back with a Revivify spell. Fjord was sure the orb - the third and final key to the unlocking of Uk'otoa - remained within him and was not destroyed when he threw the Sword of Fathoms into the lava of Kravaraad. Caduceus confirmed this with a Locate Object. Caduceus then cast Greater Restoration, sending Fjord into intense, horrible pain until he finally vomitted the cloven crystal.[14]

During their expedition on Rumblecusp, Fjord and Caduceus went underwater to investigate one of the entrances to Vokodo's lair and Caduceus became charmed. He began swimming into the tunnel, and Fjord fought as hard as he could to hold him back, but the charmed Caduceus cast Blindness on him, and Fjord had to swim back and call for help from the others to save Caduceus.[15]

Caduceus: I love you like family.
Fjord: Oh, that's not comforting.
Caduceus: You're in such trouble.
Caduceus lovingly threatens Fjord[16]

After Caduceus emerged from a vision he received after a successful Divine Intervention in Eiselcross, Fjord said an eye had appeared on his cheek, which Caduceus believed at first. When he realized Fjord was joking, he claimed that he would remember, reminding Fjord that he had siblings and knew how to get his revenge. Caduceus told Fjord that he loved him like family, implying that he would treat him like his siblings, who he has a history of pranking.[17]

When Caduceus parted ways with the Mighty Nein to stay with his family in the Blooming Grove, Fjord gave him an enormous hug and thanked him for everything, saying "I wouldn't be here like this without you." Caduceus replied that Fjord had nothing he didn’t earn.[18]


Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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