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Veth and Beauregard are both of similar ages and from similar regions of the empire.

Beauregard speaks Halfling, and the two of them often use the language as a way to communicate privately.

The two of them seemingly bring out the competitive nature in one another, and their dynamic frequently devolves into meaningless, though intense competition. They often contest over dexterity based skills, such as racing each other up a tree, or stealth.

Beauregard and Veth confided in one another about their respective crushes. Veth had offered to help set her and Jester up, to which Beauregard emphatically declined. Despite Veth's matchmaker tendencies, she has respected Beauregard on this front and has not told anyone about Beauregard's crush.

The main connection of their relationship is their mutual friend in Caleb, as both Veth and Beauregard were privy to hearing his backstory. When Veth mentioned that she had had a crush on Caleb, Beauregard mentioned that she had gotten the impression of something romantic in the past. This is echoed when Beauregard explicitly asked Caleb if he was in love with Veth.

Veth and Beauregard share similar moral stances when it comes to dealing with Essek Theylss.

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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