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Beau and Fjord ambikyu

Fan art of Beau and Fjord, by @ambikyu.[art 1]


Beauregard and Fjord are very good friends. They have been getting along since they first met and the two have a great respect for one another's abilities, often going to one another for advice. Beau became Fjord's first mate while he was acting as captain during the Mighty Nein's time at sea.

Beau and Fjord are both laid back, though Fjord tends towards being charming while Beau, in contrast, is blunt and outspoken. They seem to be the "go-getters" of the group when it comes to making contacts and steering the direction of The Mighty Nein. Fjord coaches Beau in improving her social skills. She has often asked him for notes and suggestions for improvement after negotiating with someone. Beau thinks that she and Fjord have similar moral perspectives.[1] They have also made an agreement to keep each other in check.[2]


Beau met Fjord, along with Jester, one day before the rest of the party. The trio fought a snake together before the events of "Curious Beginnings" (2x01). Beau instinctively trusted Fjord by the time of "A Show of Scrutiny" (2x02), relying on his instructions in order to act more "manly" for a disguise.[3] Fjord eventually started guiding Beau towards less hostile forms of social interaction, to mixed success.[4] The two joined a meeting of The Knights of Requital together and didn't reveal what they witnessed to the other members of the Mighty Nein, though Caleb saw the first meeting they attended through Frumpkin.[5]

After the rest of the party was rescued from the Iron Shepherds, Beau and Caleb assured Fjord that what happened was not his fault but rather Lorenzo's.[6]

Beau put herself forward as Fjord's first mate whilst on the sea,[7] a position she seems to take seriously. Fjord and Beau further bonded over managing the Balleater.

During a conversation on whether to seek out the families of those with connections in the Empire, Beau confided in Fjord about her family's abandonment of her and the birth of her baby brother. Fjord had seemed confused at first as to why she was hesitant to reconnect with her family, but on learning this he accepted her decision. Fjord advised Beau to consider her brother's innocence.[8]

Beau caught on to Fjord misleading the party about his dreams and his accent, but it didn't seem to bother her that he might be keeping secrets.[9]

After Fjord renounced Uk'otoa and lost his magical abilities for a time, Beau offered to teach him self-defense and invited him to join her in training every morning. Fjord doubted he could keep up with her, but she encouraged him to try anyway and believe in himself. Beau stated that the training hurt her every day, surprising Fjord because she never shows it, but that it was worth it since her body is her weapon. Fjord took Beau up on her offer.[10]

While the Mighty Nein were in Zadash on the search for the old hag who had cursed Nott, the group stopped in the Evening Nip for the night. Noticing that Beau was more reserved than usual, Fjord comforted her. In turn, Beau confided that she was struggling with the idea of seeing her dad again. Beau also told Fjord, "You're still my captain."[11]

Fjord was very vocal that he was not okay with the deal Beau wanted to make with Isharnai, as the deal would have meant Beau had to leave her friends and her life at the Cobalt Soul behind.[12]

As the Mighty Nein were sailing towards the peace talks to end the War of Ash and Light, some of Uk'otoa's minions infiltrated the ship and attacked Fjord in his sleep. Beauregard was the first to join him, while the rest of the group fought off deep scions below deck, but couldn't help him much due to succumbing twice to stunning psychic screeches. Beau witnessed Fjord's unconscious body fall from the mast unto the deck below and she screamed his name in panic, alerting the others to come up as fast as possible.[13] Fjord was killed in front of her and the rest of the Mighty Nein before they could do anything, but he was brought back to life by Caduceus shortly after.

During their time on Rumblecusp, Beau and Fjord had a conversation about their romantic interests. Beau was the first person Fjord shared his attraction towards Jester with. Beau admitted to him that she also had a crush on Jester and tried to offer advice in how to approach her. Fjord then encouraged Beau to gush about Yasha.[14]

Beau has recently mentioned to Fjord that she looks up to him and had thoughts about sailing the seas together after finishing up with the Mighty Nein.[15]


  • Fjord and Beauregard are both attracted to Jester. Beau picked up on Fjord's feelings before he admitted them, but when Beau told him she also had a crush on her, Fjord seemed completely surprised.
    • It is possible that Beau's crush on Jester has since passed, as she has focused on her romantic relationship with Yasha instead. Meanwhile, Fjord has pursued a romantic relationship with Jester.

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

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Yasha Beauregard & Yasha Caduceus & Yasha Caleb & Yasha Fjord & Yasha Jester & Yasha Mollymauk & Yasha Veth & Yasha Yasha


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