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Beauregard and Caduceus often see eye-to-eye, despite their very different temperaments, and are friends.


When Beau and Caduceus first met in the Blooming Grove, Beau found Caduceus's discussion of "dead people tea" a little strange, but not off-putting,[1] and she was impressed by his healing capabilities.[2] He meanwhile found her aggressive, but did not seem to mind.[3] Beau was the one to introduce Caduceus to Fjord and Jester after the Mighty Nein were reunited,[4] and toasted to him at the Evening Nip when the party returned to Zadash.[5]

Following the fight in the Folding Halls of Halas, Beau and Caduceus shared a moment on the deck of the Balleater. He checked on her as she sailed the ship while the others rested, and they both told each other that they'd done a good job, and that together, they would take care of the rest of the party.[6]

After Beau's encounter with Isharnai, Caduceus provided some philosophical advice to her regarding her assumptions about her father's deal with the hag,[7] and told her that she still had great things ahead of her.[8] She was somewhat skeptical.[9]

In Eiselcross, after the party saw the blighted trees, Beau went to check in with Caduceus. She thanked him for his healing during the most recent battle, and they discussed his concerns and discomfort with the situation.[10] He also congratulated her on acting on her feelings for Yasha.[11]

Other Intraparty Relationships[]

Intraparty Relationships of the Mighty Nein
Beauregard Caduceus Caleb Fjord Jester Mollymauk Veth Yasha
Beauregard Beauregard Caduceus & Beauregard Caleb & Beauregard Fjord & Beauregard Jester & Beauregard Mollymauk & Beauregard Veth & Beauregard Yasha & Beauregard
Caduceus Beauregard & Caduceus Caduceus Caleb & Caduceus Fjord & Caduceus Jester & Caduceus (not applicable) Veth & Caduceus Yasha & Caduceus
Caleb Beauregard & Caleb Caduceus & Caleb Caleb Fjord & Caleb Jester & Caleb Mollymauk & Caleb Veth & Caleb Yasha & Caleb
Fjord Beauregard & Fjord Caduceus & Fjord Caleb & Fjord Fjord Jester & Fjord Mollymauk & Fjord Veth & Fjord Yasha & Fjord
Jester Beauregard & Jester Caduceus & Jester Caleb & Jester Fjord & Jester Jester Mollymauk & Jester Veth & Jester Yasha & Jester
Mollymauk Beauregard & Mollymauk (not applicable) Caleb & Mollymauk Fjord & Mollymauk Jester & Mollymauk Mollymauk Veth & Mollymauk Yasha & Mollymauk
Veth Beauregard & Veth Caduceus & Veth Caleb & Veth Fjord & Veth Jester & Veth Mollymauk & Veth Veth Yasha & Veth
Yasha Beauregard & Yasha Caduceus & Yasha Caleb & Yasha Fjord & Yasha Jester & Yasha Mollymauk & Yasha Veth & Yasha Yasha


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