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Ashton Greymoore and Imogen Temult are allies and friends.


Ashton has allowed Imogen, along with Fresh Cut Grass, to use her psychic abilities on them several times in order to learn more about the memory gaps in their past.[1] The second time she and FCG did so, the two became briefly trapped in Ashton's mind.[2]

Imogen went with Ashton to the All-Minds-Burn while Bells Hells were in Bassuras looking for Imahara Joe to help with Ludinus Da'leth's harness. After Ashton asked Shady Sally for help, Justi Pross led both of them down to meet the All-Minds-Burn hivemind, with which Imogen communed.[3] Once they left, they had a conversation in which they spoke about finally feeling like they mattered within the world, and affirmed that they believed the other to be special.[4]

Imogen and FCG stayed with Ashton immediately after his attempt to absorb the shard of Rau'shan. Imogen told Fearne Calloway not to further hurt Ashton with his glass hammer. Once Fearne stormed off, Imogen cast Detect Thoughts and learned that Ashton had realized a pattern in their life of blaming others, to the point that they made a dangerous choice in order to feel as though they could blame others. Imogen was upset when the shard rejected Ashton, and told Laudna that Ashton did indeed betray them, but out of stupidity rather than malice. She then reassured them that while they were angry, Bells Hells wouldn't kill Ashton for their actions, and that she understood how their feelings about Efterin influenced their actions and hoped this would lead them to a new start.[5]


Other intraparty relationships[]

Intraparty Relationships of Bells Hells
Ashton Chetney Fearne FCG Imogen Laudna Orym
Ashton Ashton Ashton & Chetney Ashton & Fearne Ashton & FCG Ashton & Imogen Ashton & Laudna Ashton & Orym
Chetney Chetney & Ashton Chetney Chetney & Fearne Chetney & FCG Chetney & Imogen Chetney & Laudna Chetney & Orym
Fearne Fearne & Ashton Fearne & Chetney Fearne Fearne & FCG Fearne & Imogen Fearne & Laudna Fearne & Orym
FCG FCG & Ashton FCG & Chetney FCG & Fearne Fresh Cut Grass FCG & Imogen FCG & Laudna FCG & Orym
Imogen Imogen & Ashton Imogen & Chetney Imogen & Fearne Imogen & FCG Imogen Imogen & Laudna Imogen & Orym
Laudna Laudna & Ashton Laudna & Chetney Laudna & Fearne Laudna & FCG Laudna & Imogen Laudna Laudna & Orym
Orym Orym & Ashton Orym & Chetney Orym & Fearne Orym & FCG Orym & Imogen Orym & Laudna Orym


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