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Ashton Greymoore and Chetney Pock O'Pea are allies.


While they often are at friendly odds and banter frequently,[1][2] Ashton privately admitted to Orym that he genuinely likes Chetney, though he also did want to punch a werewolf for the experience.[3] They soon got their wish during Chetney's trial with the Gorgynei at Zha'Vrollo, in which their intimidation was what allowed Chetney to regain control, after which they immediately punched Chetney in the face.[4]

After the trial, Ashton asked Annaline for advice on how to safely subdue Chetney should he lose control, and thanked her for helping Chetney.[5]

While talking to Fearne Calloway after Ashton attempted and failed to absorb the shard of Rau'shan beneath Whitestone Castle, Fearne told Chetney she had a crush on Ashton, and Chetney responded that he also liked Ashton a lot but advised her not to assist them in self-destruction.[6] Later, at dinner, Chetney told Ashton to leave because he didn't trust him due the harm he did to Fearne and what harm he coul've done to her furthermore. Ashton, who was already leaving, heard those words and turn around to face the gnome once again. He admitted he didn't trust himself either, and asked Chetney what he did before he controlled his lycanthropy before going to bed.[7]

The following morning, Chetney greeted Ashton when they came down to breakfast, and approvingly told them that was a good start before briefly sparring to see if they had developed new powers from the experience and his new rock arm.[8]


Other intraparty relationships[]

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