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Regae Anders was the Grand Purveyor of the Grey Hunt prior to Vex'ahlia.


Regae was born before 784 PD as a member of House Anders, a family of nobles of Whitestone. At some point in his adult life he became the leader of the Grey Hunt (presumably after going through the process of meditating on the Sun Tree, receiving a vision from the Dawnfather and slaying the quarry shown to him in that vision),[2] bearing the title of Grand Purveyor of the Grey Hunt in around 802 PD. According to Percival de Rolo, Regae wasn't very strong, and according to Cassandra de Rolo, he wasn't very respected in his position either,[3] and eventually died, before or around 805 PD, when the Briarwoods occupied Whitestone; during that period the Grey Hunt was defunct.

Eventually, a few months after the Whitestone Rebellion and the de Rolo restoration, Lord Percival, given Regae's poor reputation and Byron Anders's treason, decided to gift their family crypt to Zahra Hydris, for her to create a small altar to the Raven Queen there.[4] Regae's title would be granted to Vex'ahlia by Percy,[5] and not long after, his sister Cassandra (the member of the family who was staying in Whitestone and sitting in its council) confirmed the appointment and tasked Vex with rebuilding the ranks of the Grey Hunt.[6]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • He was related to Byron Anders, the man who acted as tutor for Percival de Rolo and betrayed his family when the Briarwoods attacked Whitestone. However, their exact relationship is unknown.
    • It is unknown if Regae remained loyal to the de Rolos or if he supported his relative under the Briarwood's rule, but either way he ended up dead.
  • Despite the fact that Percy did not consider him strong, Regae must have had a minimum of combat capabilities if she passed the test that each leader of the Grey Hunt must pass.


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