The Red House of Trickfoot is the home of Wilhand Trickfoot, and the childhood home of his great-great-granddaughter Pike Trickfoot (and for a period of time, Grog Strongjaw).[1] The home also doubles as a small house of Sarenrae worship. Rarely without a warm hearth, it offers a welcome bit of respite from the harsh outside world.[2] It is located in the Market Ward of Westruun, in the Republic of Tal'Dorei.


The house is built from red brick and has two-stories.[3] The first floor has a fireplace, upon which is a shrine to Sarenrae, and a kitchen. Within the kitchen's pantry is a hidden cellar. The upstairs of the house holds Pike and Wilhand's bedrooms.[4] There is a small yard and storage space behind the building in which a large tree grows.[5]

The house was damaged in the attack of the Chroma Conclave when debris smashed into Wilhand's bedroom and caused part of the roof to collapse,[6] but it was later repaired and reconstructed and Wilhand continued to occupy it.[7][8]

Many years later when Wilhand passed away, the home was left in Pike's name, giving her a homestead in Westruun.[9]


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