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Raven's Crest is a temple dedicated to the worship of the Raven Queen. It is located in the Duskmeadow District of Vasselheim.[1] It is also a center of knowledge and history, embodying one of the oldest libraries in the city.[2]



The entrance to the Raven's Crest is through two large, 8 by 12 foot glass doors at the top of a flight of stairs. The glass is one-sided; when one looks in from the outside it appears opaque, but those inside can clearly see out.[3]


The main chamber just inside the entrance serves as a walkway, and the lighting is low. The hallway leads for another hundred feet before the glass of the walls begins to change into a different material as one enters the next chamber.[4] That next chamber is dark gray and ivory, and feels as though it is carved of ice and bone.[5]

The most sacred chamber is the communion pool. The pool is in a room at the top of a 40 foot tall staircase, behind a dark oak door with a large iron ring door knocker.[6] Inside is a 100 foot high room with a steepled dome roof. The dome is made entirely of multicolored stained glass,[7] and in the center of the chamber is a large round pool full of ice cold blood.[8]

When someone enters the pool and communes with the Raven Queen, they must allow their lungs to fill with the blood, rather than resist.[9][10]

Notable People[]



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