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Ravens are black-feathered scavenger birds. They are used as symbols of the Raven Queen.


Ravens are small avian scavengers with a sharp beak and black-feathered wings that enable them flight. They are able to mimic various simple sounds.[1]


Ravens are tiny-sized, unaligned beasts with an armor class of 12, an average of 1 hit point, a walking speed of 10 feet, and a flying speed of 50 feet. They have proficiency in Perception, a passive Perception of 13, and a challenge rating of 0.[1]

Ravens have an ability called Mimicry, allowing them to mimic simple sounds they have previously heard; others are able to determine the raven's sounds as mere imitations with an Insight check. As far as actions, ravens have Beak, a melee weapon attack that deals piercing damage.[1]



Vax flying by Marcela Medeiros

Fan art of Vax flying with a flock of ravens, by Marcela Medeiros.[art 2]

Ravens are very common near a special tree planted by Keyleth in Zephrah. One of those ravens, particularly big, usually visits the Voice of the Tempest, although it is unclear if it is a messenger from the Champion of the Matron of Death, or the celestial warrior himself in animal form.[3]


In 835 PD, a swarm of ravens flew out of the Brokenveil Marsh and away from Fort Venture.[2]


During the apogee solstice of 843 PD Prism Grimpoppy was transported to Issylra with her raven companion, Mother.

As a symbol[]

Lieve'tel Toluse by Nikki Dawes

Fan art of Lieve'tel Toluse and a giant raven sent by her goddess, by Nikki Dawes.[art 3]

Many temples in Tal'Dorei use the raven as a symbol of the blessing of the Raven Queen, the goddess of death. Few depict her as anything else, and she is alternatively called the "Matron of Ravens".[4] The raven is also the form taken by Vax'ildan, herald of the Raven Queen.[5]

Celestial giant ravens at the service of the Matron of Death can be summoned through spells such as Planar Ally.[6]

Behind the scenes[]

The swarm of ravens stat block was suggested for the black gulls that occupied Olc Skerry.[7]



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