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Rachel Romero is the Senior Vice President of Marketing at Critical Role Productions LLC and a member of the board of directors for the Critical Role Foundation. Before joining the team, she worked as the VP of Marketing for Legendary Digital Networks, the parent company of Geek & Sundry, as well as the Director of Audience Development for Machinima, multiple managerial positions at, and Director of Partnership Marketing at Loot Crate.[3][5] Romero is also a frequent writer for[4]


Born in Denver, Colorado,[2] Romero started in the architecture and engineering industries and worked as a co-host and event promoter for the indie hip-hop radio show Basementalism. She moved to digital media in 2008, working for companies such as PMC, Loot Crate, Legendary Digital Networks, Machinima, and currently Critical Role Productions LLC. [6] Throughout her career, she has been responsible for consumer marketing and promotion efforts around large-scale digital content distribution, events both online and offline, apps, and eCommerce. She has developed successful marketing campaigns through social media, integrated video, influencers, public relations, and offline/out of home marketing methods.[3]


  • She has a fondness for dinosaurs, hip hop, and finding random cat GIFs on reddit to send to Brittany. Her first D&D character was a drow ranger with a pet velociraptor named Claws.[3]





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