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The Quoraska Jungle is vast, leafy expanse of jungle stretching from the southern portion of the Ashkeeper Peaks to the sea and to the fields and dwellings on the outskirts of Nicodranas.[1]


The Quoraska Jungle is a dense, dangerous jungle near Nicodranas. In addition to typical jungle birds, insects, and wildlife,[2] it is home to carnivorous plants and dangerous creatures, as well as isolated communities of tabaxi and Ki'Nau people.[3]

The canopy of jungle is exceptionally thick, and the paths covered in various vines. The trees are reminiscent of banyan trees,[4] and there are many colorful flowers, some of which may be poisonous.[5] In places there is a smell of decaying citrus fruits and other rot, and unusually colored fungus can be found on some of the tree trunks.[6]


The Mighty Nein asked Essek Thelyss to teleport them to the Whitedawn Lagoon, which is located within the Quoraska Jungle, and he was able to get them to an area of the jungle within a day's journey of the Lagoon.[7]. The trip through the jungle was not without incident: Fjord fell into a mantrap[8] and Artagan revealed his true nature to Jester.[9] The party then came upon a group of bladerakes, insectoid creatures who entrapped their prey in waxy mounds, and fought them off, before finally reaching the oasis.[10]

Behind the Scenes[]

The transcripts for Campaign 2 sometimes spell the name as "Cuarasca".


  • As of 835 PD there was a growing interest in this region, where local writings were recovered, hinting some information about Obarra, a long-lost city that vanished after the Age of Arcanum.


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