Quannah Breach were two separate ravines in the Dunrock Mountains range. It was once a solid mountain range that seemed to have been torn and sundered into ravines that seem to share a similar shape.[1]

At the front base of the breach, was a small outpost built where Crownsguard would warn people from traveling into the Breach.[1]

Beyond the outpost the ravines were winding, the right ravine was the wider of the two. It had sheared twisted walls were the wind would howl low like a haunting, whistling, and moaning sound. It felt like a giant had grabbed a mountain range and tore it in two and there was an even break on each side. It winds and curves like a natural labyrinth.[2]

At the edge of the breach was a ten-foot wooden gate into the region of the Greying Wildlands. It had a few dozen wooden poles carved into spikes that emerge from the ground, many of which were stained dark while others still bear the weathered skulls of warning.[2] It was guarded by The Uteloch family.[3]

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