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The Quannah Breach is a break in the Dunrock Mountains which separates the Dwendalian Empire from the Greying Wildlands. It is guarded by enforcers of the Uttolot family, who take a toll from any who pass through the gate into Shadycreek Run.[1][2]

The Dunrock Mountains were once a solid mountain range that was torn apart here into two separate but similarly shaped ravines. At the south end of the Breach is a small Dwendalian outpost where Crownsguard warn people from traveling into the Breach towards Shadycreek Run.[3] At its northern edge is a ten-foot-tall wooden gate marking the boundary of the Greying Wildlands. It has a few dozen wooden poles carved into spikes that emerge from the ground, many of which are stained dark and topped with skulls.[4]

The Breach itself is a strange, snaking maze of weirdly carved pathways and wind-sheared, smooth cliffs in the otherwise rough mountains.[5] Within it, the ravines wind and curve like a natural labyrinth. The east ravine is wider, with sheared twisted walls where the wind howls with a haunting, whistling, moaning sound.[6]


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