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Dusk Captain Quana Kryn is a female drow echo knight and High General of the Kryn Dynasty, commanding the Aurora Watch. She is also the partner of the Bright Queen Leylas Kryn, with whom she has been for three of her lifetimes and five of Leylas'. Quana is devoted to the people of the Dynasty and to Leylas, and she hopes that one day her people will live outside of Xhorhas among the other peoples of Exandria.

Quana appears briefly in Campaign Two in the throne room of the Bright Queen and as the Kryn Dynasty's in-person representative during the peace negotiations to end the War of Ash and Light. She features significantly in The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen comic miniseries, set about twenty years after the end of Campaign Two, during which she and Leylas recovered a sixth beacon from Lolth.

As an NPC, she is played by Matthew Mercer.



Quana is first described as an armored figure in the Lucid Bastion throne room.[5] In The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen comic, she has long purple hair with a white streak, styled in an undercut and tied back in a low ponytail.[6] She has many scars across her body.[7]

She wears purple armor over her torso with matching bracers while in the Lucid Bastion, armed with a sword. When she left Rosohna with the Aurora Watch, she wears heavier purple armor with a cape affixed at her right shoulder and a three-pronged helmet.[6]


Quana is entirely devoted to the people of the Kryn Dynasty and to the Bright Queen Leylas Kryn, her partner.[2] She is described as quiet[5] and is held by Leylas as the sharpest military mind in Wynandir.[7] She hopes that her people might be able to leave the inhospitable Xhorhas and find a place in the world among other peoples.[2] Though she recognizes that collecting the Luxon beacons are the Dynasty's greatest successes, she feels nothing at recovering new ones. She feels doubt and wonders if the search has consumed her and Leylas, causing them to have overlooked something.[6]



Quana is consecuted and is a member of Den Kryn.[8] She has been reincarnated at least three times by 836 PD, as she has spent three lives as Leylas's partner. Quana is general of the Aurora Watch, holding the title of Dusk Captain, and an echo knight.[2]

Campaign Two[]

Quana was first mentioned in court in "Bathhouses and Bastions" (2x90), sitting next to Leylas. When the Bright Queen stated that vengeance would be enacted against the Empire for their deeds, Quana stepped forward to publicly beseech her to keep her emotions out of her decision. This quieted the court, and Leylas calmed herself.[5] She later acted as the in-person emissary throughout "High Seas, High Stakes" (2x99) for the Dynasty in the peace negotiations with the Dwendalian Empire to end the War of Ash and Light. She arrived upon the ship Vin-Radethak.[9]

The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen[]

Quana and Aurora Watch - The Bright Queen 1

Quana, the Aurora Watch, and their moorbounders are attacked, by Cris Peter and CoupleOfKooks from The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen #1.[art 2]

Arriving late to Leylas's summons, Quana felt that she would be forgiven, as the Aurora Watch confirmed a sixth beacon in the Ghostlands and she was leaving immediately. Leylas remarked that there was something else, as Quana had been sad in recent months. Though collecting the beacons were some of the Dynasty's greatest successes, Quana felt nothing for it. She worried the search consumed her and Leylas, causing them to overlook something. Leylas, who had a dream from the Luxon, showed her a new soul within a beacon. Leylas told the joyful Quana that this child was "the light incarnate, dependent on our union" and that their love was essential to the Dynasty's future. Upon arriving in the Ghostlands, Quana was betrayed by her contact Dryca. Using dunamancy, Leylas left Rosohna to attempt to save Quana from abduction. Leylas arrived in time to grab her but could not hold on. Quana told Leylas that she had "seen it" before being taken away.[6]

With Dryca's help, Leylas used a magical pendant to travel to the Dreadnest in the Abyss and rescue Quana. They take the beacon and flee from driders, during which Quana appeared to feel a presence inside the beacon. Leylas urged Quana to return home and bring the beacon to its rightful place. Quana was initially hesitant, but she used the pendant to escape to Bazzoxan when Leylas was seemingly killed. Exhausted and talking to herself that Leylas promised never, she was met by Roshan of the Aurora Watch and Dryca, who took her back to Rosohna.[10]

After Leylas returned from the Abyss herself, Quana became pregnant with a child believed to be conceived through the Luxon. Aware that Leylas was haunted by their time in the Abyss, Quana worried that Leylas was running away from what was to come. Leylas left Rosohna weeks before the child was due to consecute people throughout Xhorhas, though Quana wished that Leylas would have waited until after the birth. The child, named Caelestis, was born and grew into a toddler while Leylas was away. Although Quana and Leylas believed the child would strengthen the relationship, their relationship became strained as Leylas became withdrawn and refused to see Caelestis.[7]

Caelestis was revealed to have been corrupted by Lolth during Quana's time in the Abyss. Quana, who had not seen Caelestis' monstrous form herself, initially disbelieved this. It was decided that Caelestis be executed beyond the range of the Luxon beacons, and Quana asked to carry this out herself without Leylas. She took Caelestis deep into the Vermaloc Wildwood. Hoping Caelestis could be made whole again, she sent away the Aurora Watch accompanying them and tried to have Dryca take Caelestis into hiding. Caelestis became distressed that she was being separated from her mother and transformed into a monster. She killed Dryca and the Aurora Watch and mortally wounded Quana before Quana fatally stabbed her. Caelestis' body drifted downriver, and Leylas arrived before Quana died; both then died within range of the beacons.[11]

Quana reborn - Bright Queen 3

Quana reborn, by Cris Peter and CoupleOfKooks from The Tales of Exandria: The Bright Queen #3.[art 3]

Quana was reborn outside of Rosohna.[12] Around 855 PD,[13] she began undergoing anamnesis, the process by a soul remembers past lives. She felt drawn back to Rosohna and returned to the city. There, Abrianna Mirimm told her the story of herself, Leylas, and Caelestis to guide her toward realizing her identity. However, Quana misunderstood herself to be Caelestis. Distraught, she left the room before Abriana could clarify and fled to where she and Caelestis were killed. Leylas met her there, and Quana realized who she truly was. Quana resumed her duties, and she and Leylas began hunting for Caelestis in the hopes of saving her from the corruption.[11]


Leylas Kryn[]

Dusk Captain and Bright Queen - @tshortik

Fan art of Quana Kryn (right) with Leylas Kryn, by @tshortik.[art 4]

Quana has been the partner of the Leylas Kryn through three lifetimes and five of Leylas's. In the past, Leylas has listened to Quana's "idealism" that their people may one day live among other peoples. However, during the War of Ash and Light, Leylas has been less receptive, disappointing Quana. More so, Quana is worried by her usually calm and wise partner's increasingly emotional and vehement reactions to events.[2] Leylas rushed alone to the Ghostlands and entered the Abyss to rescue Quana. When they were twice torn away from each other by Lolth's forces—first kidnapping Quana, then killing Leylas and forcing Quana to flee alone—Quana and Leylas instructed the other to "never let go".[6][10]

Quana worried about Leylas after their return from the Abyss and, having heard Leylas screaming at night, was aware that Leylas was haunted by what happened there. They believed that the child born by the Luxon would strengthen their relationship, but after the birth of Caelestis, the fact that Quana was raising their daughter while Leylas was doing her missions strained their relationship. After Caelestis turned into a monster, the tension only grew when Leylas tried to have her executed, which would lead to Quana secretly trying to save the child and getting fatally wounded.[7] Despite their conflicts, the couple's mutual affection had not diminished, and Leylas tried to rescue her partner, being able at least to bring her to the range of the Luxon beacon, allowing the Dusk Captain to reincarnate. They still love each other in Quana's new life, keeping her as her right hand despite her new youth.[11]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • "My queen. I implore you to listen and keep your temperament outside the judgment of law. Please."[5]
  • "We are on the brink of recovering another beacon. These moments become our greatest achievements, and yet, I feel... nothing. We've lived many lifetimes together, Leylas, through many forms, and although reuniting the beacons has always been a part of that... I wonder if it hasn't somehow... consumed us. If something else has been missed in its pursuit... I'm sorry if—"[6]


  • Her name could be a variant of Kiana, the Hawaiian equivalent of Diana, which traced back to the Proto-Indo-European roots can mean "divine", "light" or "celestial".[14] It could also be a variant of Quanah, which means "fragrant" or "sweet-smelling" in Comanche.
  • While she's been Leylas' partner through several lifetimes, she's never been referred to as her consort. It's possible that, given the duration and nature of their relationship, marriage is just an unnecessary formality for them or that the concept of marriage in the Dynasty works differently, given that their citizens reincarnate constantly. Additionally, Quana has her own title as Dusk Captain, so this title may take priority over her status as the queen's partner.
  • In the chambers that Quana and Leylas share there are a series of portraits of couples, presumably of the two of them in their different lives.[16] Only two of the portraits are seen relatively clearly:
    • The first shows two men of drow descent (given their skin color and ears). One of them is standing, appears to have a slight circle beard and is dressed in elegant red clothes; his partner is seated, has silver hair and wears darker, more sober clothing.[16]
    • The second shows a man and a woman, also of drow descent. The woman wears a long red dress and has a mane of silver hair, apparently tied up somehow at the nape of her neck. The man wears a dark and sober garment that covers him from the neck to the feet, and has very short hair.[16]
  • It seems like Quana and Leylas tend to wear clothes of certain colors in different lifetimes, with the Dusk Captain adding reddish garments both in her military attire and in her casual clothes, and the Bright Queen using grey, black and white in different tones and pieces.[16]


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