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Quajath[1] is an entity imprisoned in the Tomb of the Worm on one of the islands of Eiselcross.



The depiction of Quajath in the temple of Uk'otoa on Urukayxl showed a crowd of people clustered around the base and above them three larger humanoid figures haloed by a light or aura elevating them above the crowd. Over them, occupying most of the mural, was a curling worm with tooth-like scales over its skin. Its mouth was an open ring of teeth with three ivory eyes set where its tongue should be. Its burrowing created mountains and cliffs that looked about to break and crush the crowd below.[3]



Quajath imprisoned within the Tomb of the Worm, with a wormkin in the foreground, as depicted on page 129 of the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.[art 2]

Quajath was either created or birthed by Torog, and acted as his scout during the battles of the Calamity. It was presumed dead when a sizable chunk of its body was left on the final battlefield, but a small piece was able to crawl to Eiselcross and burrow beneath the icy surface to rest and regrow. When Quajath attempted to rise again, it found itself trapped beneath the thick ice of Eiselcross, where it still remains as of 835 PD.[4]


Uk'otoa and Desirat

The murals of Urukayxl in Beau's journal, by Hunter Severn Bonyun from The Chronicles of Exandria - The Mighty Nein, page 209.[art 3]

In the Yuan-ti temple on Urukayxl, the Mighty Nein saw three murals: one depicting a giant purple bird with fire-like wings and three eyes of onyx, one showing a gigantic sea serpent emerging from the water with many small eyes of amber and three large eyes, and one of a worm-like creature with three eyes of ivory inside its mouth, plowing through the earth.[5] The three lesser idols have a pact; apparently, if one escapes, it will help the others.[6]


Quajath exerts telepathic control over those who eat of its perpetually regenerating flesh; the influence is stronger if the flesh is eaten sooner.[7] Eating is not necessary, though: by mere proximity, a cryogenically preserved sample of Quajath's tissue telepathically influences a clan of kobolds in Blightshore.[8]

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