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Quackthulhu is a gigantic mutated duck created by Matthew Mercer.



Quackthulhu is a massive, swollen duck-like creature of ill green feathers and flesh, burning red eyes, and four terrible whipping tentacles protruding from its body. A glowing stone that fell as a shooting star is embedded within its back, with dark veins writhing around where it pierces its body.[1]


"The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (Sx49)[]

Quackthulu was an ordinary duck until a meteor crashed into its duck pond, implanting itself into his back, and mutating it into a gigantic aberration. The Darrington Brigade killed it after a long, hard-fought battle, removing the meteor to take back to Doolan Tversky for a 10,000 gp reward.

Character information[]


Matt published Quackthulhu's stat block on Twitter.[2] The following abilities were demonstrated in "The Adventures of the Darrington Brigade" (Sx49).

  • Legendary resistances (3x per day)
  • Damage resistances: bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing from non-magical weapons
  • Damage immunities: necrotic
  • Multiattack: each tentacle can attack and attempt a grapple each turn
  • Soul-Wrenching Quack: paralyzes opponents failing a DC 16 wisdom saving throw
  • Legendary Actions (3x per round):
    • Ground Slam - opponents failing a DC 14 strength saving throw are pushed 10 feet away
    • Tentacle attack
  • Ability to charm/take control of Lionel, possibly through his duck totem connection

Appearances and mentions[]


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