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Pseudodragons are tiny, playful dragons.[1]



Pseudodragons, or dragonites[4] look like tiny versions of true dragons. They can fly, and have a poisonous stinger on their tail.[1]


Pseudodragons have resistance to magical effects, and have particularly keen senses that allow them to perceive things more readily.[1] They also have simple telepathic abilities, mostly limited to emotions or images.[5] They are also able to fly, and can bite or sting, but tend to only attack if threatened.[1]

Pseudodragons will bond with a kind owner, but leave if they are not treated well. They are particularly sought after by mages as familiars.[1]

Known pseudodragons[]

Tiberius Stormwind purchased a somewhat sickly pseudodragon, whom he named Lockheed, from a stall in Vasselheim.[6] Lockheed joined Tiberius when he left Vox Machina. Much later, the party found a freezing and malnourished, but still living Lockheed in the ruins of Draconia via Scrying.[7] They fed him and took him back with them to Whitestone, but Lockheed flew away.[8]


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