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A prosthetic limb is a device used to replace the appearance and/or fuction of a missing limb. They come in magical and non-magical varieties.


A prosthetic limb can replace a hand, arm, foot, leg, or other similar body part.

A magical prosthesis can be attached and detached as an action. While attached, the limb functions identically to the body part that it replaces and can't be removed against the wearer's will. If the wearer dies, the limb detaches.[3]


After escaping from Whitestone, Anna Ripley acquired a prosthetic hand to replace the one she lost while trying to recreate Percy's firearms.[4]

When Victor lost his hand while handling black powder, Percy built him a non-magical prosthetic claw hand that could be replaced with a mining pick.[5]

Parson Pellinost, an Imperial Inquisitor and cultist of Vesh, had a prosthetic right hand.[6]

After Vilya lost her left leg while fighting a kraken in the Elemental Plane of Water and reappeared on Rumblecusp, she created a prosthetic leg made of vines.[7]

Kalym Telaarin, a drow priest of the Luxon in Bazzoxan, also is missing part of his left leg from the knee down. In its place is a prosthesis with lines of purple light wrapped around intricately carved, chitin-textured black rock.[8]


The prosthetic limb as printed in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount originally required attunement,[1] as its description was identical to the prosthetic limb in the earlier printed Eberron: Rising from the Last War.[9] However, Eberron later received an errata in which the prosthetic limb no longer requires attunement.[10] This version was later printed in Tasha's Cauldron of Everything[3] and digital editions of Explorer's Guide to Wildemount were updated to match.[11]


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