Professor Anders was Percy's former tutor. He assisted the Briarwoods in the seizure of Whitestone and became one of Percy's targets for revenge, appearing on The List. As an NPC, he was played by Matthew Mercer.

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An older gentleman with very, very short grey hair and a little bit of facial hair.[4]

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Anders was a resident of Whitestone prior to the arrival of the Briarwoods and a tutor to the young Percy. Percy believed that Anders was responsible for letting the Briarwoods capture Whitestone Castle in the night.[5]

"Reunions" (1x33) Edit

While looking for Cassandra de Rolo in Whitestone Castle, Vax'ildan surprised Anders, who was threatening Cassandra. Anders cut Cassandra's throat in front of Vax, but it was actually an illusion.[6] Vox Machina engaged Anders in combat—and defeated him—with Percy delivering the killing shot.

Afterwards, Vax searched the Professor's desk and found a collection of letters describing the Briarwoods' machinations, written in the hand of Lord Riskel Daxio.[7]

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  • Confusion[8]
  • Dimension Door[9]
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  • Animate Objects[10]
  • Dominate Person[11]

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