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This article is about elemental titans. For the language of elemental creatures, see the Primordial language.

The Primordials, also known as elemental titans,[1] primordial titans,[3] or simply the titans,[4] were a race of great, ancient elementals that once inhabited the Material Plane.[1]


The Founding

Prior to the arrival of the gods into Exandria, the Primordials claimed the world as their own and dwelt deep beneath its surface. During the Founding, the gods created the first mortals, including the first humanoids and dragons. After this, the Primordials rose from the earth to attack them. During the ensuing struggle, the gods split into the Prime Deities, who wanted to fight the Primordials and protect their creations, and the Betrayer Gods, who wished to join the Primordials and join in the chaos. In the end, the Prime Deities were victorious, and the Betrayer Gods were individually imprisoned or banished while the Primordials were destroyed and scattered to their own planes.[6][7]

One such titan, the Molten Titan, was felled by elves at the end of the Founding and was subsequently sealed within and consumed by the earth, forming the Daggerbay Mountains of Tal'Dorei.[8]

Two mighty Primordials, Rau'shan the Emperor of Fire and Ka'Mort the Empress of Earth, were laid low and sealed away by the Dawnfather and the Wildmother under Mount Ygora on a continent known as Domunas.[9][10] They were two of the only primordials that were never killed,[11] and the travels of the city of Avalir along the ley lines of Exandria inscribed protective runes upon the world that helped to keep them sealed away.[12]


The massive skeletons of three "titans" litter the Calamity-era battlefield of Incanter's Rest.[13]

The Titanstone Knuckles, one of the Vestiges of Divergence, was forged from the heartstone of an earth titan.[1] During the fourth age, the archlich Vecna raised this same Earth Titan, atop the shoulders of which rested his city of Thar Amphala.[14]

During the Icelost Years, Errevon the Rimelord, an ice behemoth believed to be an ancient scion of the Primordials, led an invasion of Tal'Dorei before being resealed in the Frostfell.[15][16]

The heartstone of a fire titan, called a soul anchor, was attached to Thordak to seal him in the Elemental Plane of Fire.[17]

On a quest to retrieve Grog Strongjaw's soul from Pandemonium, Vox Machina were pursued by and then fought a dust titan referred to as the Rolling Thunder.[18]



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