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Pride's Call is a town in the western Dwendalian Empire at the base of the Cyrios Mountains.



Pride's Call has a significant population of dwarves.[2] In fact, 81% of the population is dwarven. Only 13% of the population is either human (8%) or halfling (6%). The total population is 16,090, as of the year 835 PD.[1]

Notable People[]


Pride's Call Map

Pride's Call and nearby features in Explorer's Guide to Wildemount.

Pride’s Call lies near a different type of geothermal activity to that around Kamordah. The hills and the plants that grow there are changed by it so that they are different to other parts of the Empire. Pride silk is farmed from the silk worms that live there,[4] that produce a very strong silk.[5]


Pride's Call was one of the initial dwarven societies that joined the Dwendalian Empire as it began to expand out of Rexxentrum. It was not conquered, but joined in an agreement of mutual interest. When Grimgolir, the mountain-based dwarven society on the far eastern side of the Marrow Valley, was brought in, jealousy developed between it and Pride's Call as Grimgolir took over military activities and Pride’s Call began to fall out of favor. Since then their focus has been on their strange and unique landscape due to the geothermal activity in the surrounding mountains.[6]

The town is known for its production of silk, known as Pride silk,[7] which is its most prominent, expensive and controlled export. Only a handful of families own the fist-sized silkworms, which are heavily guarded. Their theft is a serious crime. Part of the agreement when Pride's Call joined the Empire was that they would pay a certain percentage of this silk to the Empire for its own uses.[8]

The Ruins of Shattengrod are a discovery made a few decades ago when a quarry was being built near the town and the hill dwarves found a deep pit that went beneath it. At its bottom were the ruins of a very ancient city: Shattengrod, one of a number of prominent cities in the Age of Arcanum destroyed before or during the Calamity.[9] The ruins have been being slowly uncovered[10] under the supervision of the Cerberus Assembly and The Cobalt Soul.[11] They date to the Age of Arcanum.[12] Trent Ikithon claimed that the Luxon beacon that the Empire proposed to offer to the Kryn Dynasty had been found a few weeks ago at this archaeological dig[13], and Beau confirmed at the Cobalt Soul that one had been found there.[14]

The Mighty Nein were told by Yussa Errenis that there had recently (as of Misuthar 836 PD) been at least two demonic incursions in the Empire, at Pride's Call and Zadash.[15]



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