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I still got one more of these.
the newly made lord, leaving with his final Wish[2]

Lord Preston Drodelon[3] (pronounced /ˈdroʊdəlɒn/) is a former lord of the Quadroads in Vasselheim, Issylra. He is apparently[4] the man encountered by Grog Strongjaw in the Quadroads district who was persuaded to draw one card from the Deck of Many Things; the man was granted the ability to cast the Wish spell twice and promptly used his first Wish to become "a powerful lord of the Quadroads".

Because he left without giving Grog his name, he became known among the cast simply as the "Lord of the Quadroads".[5][6] As an NPC, he is played by Matthew Mercer.


Preston is a tall, older man with a "bullfrog" neck and thinning hair, and he is described as physically appearing as if he hasn't taken care of himself over the years. He presents as friendly and as overbearingly trying to be charming, often overstaying his welcome in other's social graces. He dismissed attempts at flattering him as a political master and characterized himself more as someone who is "only a friendly hand-shaker", but he allowed himself to be flattered as a "mover and shaker".[7][8]

While at the ball in Jrusar, he wore a non-Marquesian style of clothing but Marquesian jewelry; though his clothing initially appeared fine, upon closer inspection, his clothing had some tattered edges and he was of "a passing prestige" that almost makes one feel guilty.[7][8]


Campaign One[]

Earlier told that the Deck of Many Things in his possession was dangerous, Grog Strongjaw sought someone to draw a card to test it in 811 PD while in Vasselheim, early in his year break in "One Year Later..." (1x95). While wandering through the Quadroads district after a night of drinking, Grog encountered an unidentified man, who was very drunk himself. Complimenting him as appearing to be a "mighty warrior", Grog gave him another drink, learned he had no personal connections, and confirmed he did not recognize a Deck of Many Things. The man was persuaded to draw a card.[9] He drew the Moon (queen of diamonds), granting him the ability to cast the Wish spell two times. He immediately used the first Wish to become "a powerful lord of the Quadroads". His tattered clothes were replaced with silks, and he became washed and slightly more sober. An attendant in coattails appeared at the end of the alleyway, asking how long the man was going to take. The man, quoting Grog's name as "Grog Strongthings", remarked that he had one more Wish and left with the attendant.[2] Matthew Mercer remarked, "Well, there are many lords and ladies of the Quadroads, he's just now one of them."[10] Grog later told Pike Trickfoot about the man and his good fortune.[11]

In "The Fate-Touched" (1x103), Grog and Scanlan Shorthalt intended to search for the man to pressure him into casting Wish on their behalf. The pair believed that he had two more castings of Wish, and they sought to have one Wish each. However, they were intercepted by guards for other reasons before they could begin a search.[5]

Matt stated in "Talks Machina Fireside Special: Q&A with the Critical Role Cast" (Sx33) that after the events of Campaign One, the man lived very comfortably after being instantly lifted out of squalor and spent a lot of his money. Matt clarified that he is well established and stands as a lord of "mid to high level nobility", though not one fabulously wealthy nor one among the highest echelons of Vasselheim. Matt ultimately felt that the man is "tortured" by how to use his second and final Wish and will likely spend the rest of his life without making a decision.[12]

Campaign Three[]

In 843 PD, Preston attended a party in Jrusar, Marquet, where he spoke with Dorian Storm, Fearne Calloway, and Imogen Temult. He introduced himself as a self-made lord of the Quadroads. However, he said that he no longer lives in Vasselheim, claiming he grew bored of it, and now lives in Yios in Aeshanadoor. He gossiped to Dorian about Armand Treshi, whom he felt was a "putz", a "try-hard", and unapproachable. He became infatuated with Fearne after she asked him if his wished for more from life and, when he said yes, if his wishes ever came true.[7] As the group left him to socialize with others, he pointed out Gavis Aranda to Imogen as someone important for Dorian to speak with.[13] Later in the party, he danced with Fearne and attempted to flirt with her, but she gently rejected him and said she hoped he would find what he was looking for.[8]

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Grog: "Hey, do you have like, a wife, kids, attachments? Anyone that would miss you?"
    Preston: "You think if I did I'd be drinking this hard?"[9]
  • Fearne: "Do you ever wish for anything more?"
    Preston: (beat) "I do. Often."
    Fearne: "Do they ever come true?"
    Preston: (beat) "Occasionally."[14]


  • He is sometimes called "the Lord of the Crossroads" due to confusion over the district's name.[11][15]
  • When the man drew the card from the Deck of Many Things, Matt asked that a cast member draw from a physical deck. Laura Bailey chose the card.[16]
  • Liam O'Brien joked that the man's real name is "Taliesin Jaffe".[17]
  • Some theorized that the lord of the Quadroads was Sir Bertrand Bell, Travis Willingham's player character introduced in "The Search For Grog" (Sx42) because he could not play Grog. Bertrand is associated with the Quadroads, holds an undescribed measure of status in Vasselheim, has no notable accomplishments, and struggles to remember people's names. In "The Draw of Destiny" (3x01), Bertrand remarked on his being a "sir": "Not a noble, a knight is generous, but it was a title bestowed upon me, and I didn't shoo it away." When Fearne Calloway asked who bestowed the title, he began to answer that he did not think she would know them, but the line of questioning ended when the table was distracted out of character.[18]


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