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A Potion of Water Breathing allows to breathe underwater for 1 hour after drank. Its cloudy green fluid smells like the sea and has a jellyfish-like bubble floating in it.[1]


In Value of Valor of Kraghammer, Scanlan and Grog purchased two potions of water breathing for 500 gold each.[4]

Docked near Glintshore, Anna Ripley with her companions drank potions of water breathing and plunged into the deep waters of the Ozmit Sea to find Whisper within the wreck of The Shrew.[5]

In or shortly after 836 PD, the Allegiance of Allsight provided this type of potion to approved personnel who explored the parts of Cael Morrow where the water had not yet been forced out with magical barriers.[6]

At the annual Festival of Merit in Jigow, each contestant in the final Test of Merit is given a potion of water breathing for the race into the underwater Emerald Grotto to retrieve the Emerald Eye.[7]


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