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A potion of giant strength is a potion created from the fingernail of a type of giant.[3] It grants the drinker a change in strength, which varies depending on the type of giant.[1]



Potions of giant strength are transparent liquids which contain a giant's fingernail; the type of giant determines the strength of the potion.[1] The potion of stone giant strength that Veth purchased was brown in color and viscous, described as appearing like bourbon.[4] The same type of potion sold by Cidrick Gillsman had a gray, sparkling powder like iron sediment suspended in a thick, syrupy liquid,[5] and tasted heavily of black charcoal, dust, and grit with a gravelly texture.[6]


The potion drinker's Strength score changes for one hour.[7] The Strength score to which it changes depends on the type of giant, with hill giants being lowest and storm giants being highest.[1]


In his showdown with Vox Machina, King Murghol drank a purplish potion that made "his arms actually billow and grow extremely strong and thick with muscle".[8]

Scanlan Shorthalt had a potion of fire giant strength which he attempted but failed to slip to Grog during Grog's first battle in the Crucible.[9] He later fed it to him during the resurrection ritual to bring Grog back from his death to Craven Edge.[10]

Possibly in anticipation before the rematch with Kern, Grog bought a potion of stone giant strength from Cidrick Gillsman for 14 dragon teeth and 3 vials of dragon blood.[11] Eight days later he drank it and ensured his victory over Kern.[12]

Tiberius Stormwind had and downed a potion of frost giant strength while investigating the Velvet Cabaret.[13]

Veth Brenatto purchased a potion of stone giant strength at The Invulnerable Vagrant in preparation for the Mighty Nein's trip to Eiselcross.[14] As of the end of Campaign Two, it had not yet been used.


In one potential encounter in Critical Role: Call of the Netherdeep, a potion of hill giant strength can be found in a lockbox in a crashed merchants' wagon on the road between Jigow and the Emerald Loop Caravan Stop.[15]


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