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A potion of flying grants the drinker limited flight.


A potion of flying is a clear liquid with white, cloudy impurities, and it floats toward the top of its container. The drinker gains a flying speed equal to their walking speed for one hour and can hover. If they are flying when the hour expires, they immediately fall unless they have some means to prevent it.[1]


"Race to the Ziggurat" (1x34)[]

Vex'ahlia used the potion of flying that she took from Anna Ripley[2] to escape from the acid in which the party was trapped under Whitestone.[3][4] The effect continued, giving Vex advantage in the fight against the Briarwoods. However, while Vex was pursuing Delilah Briarwood into the Ziggurat, the effect of the potion was suddenly negated by the anti-magic effect of the ziggurat sphere, which caused Vex to plummet to the ground, knocking her unconscious.[5]


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