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Portia Lorelei is a human blood hunter and a member of the Lorelei family. She was played by Laura Bailey in "Liam's One Shot: The Song of the Lorelei" (Sx36).



In the human form Portia looks like a woman of dark skin (although lighter than those of her two older siblings) with a soft purple hue (sign of her drow ancestry), dark eyes and a mane of black hair that reaches a little past the shoulders and is white on the underside. She wears black and green clothes, dark purple lipstick, and tinted glasses.

In her werewolf form, Portia is two or three inches taller and muscular, covered in black fur on top with a stark white underside, resembling a skunk but with reversed patterns.[4]


Portia is described as accomplished and driven. She was shown to be very headstrong, demanding to undergo the Taming two years early and charging into a large group of skeletons without knowing if she'd get reinforcements.

She cares about the people who are under the protection of House Lorelei.[5]



Portia was the third child born from Lord and Lady Lorelei, being at least five years younger than Lucius, the brother immediatly preceding her.[6] Portia had no memories of her mother Rosalind (who died giving birth to Lawrence and Benicio, the twins) and instead was raised by her father Haldur and her great-aunt Katerine.[7] As both her elder siblings chose paths outside of the Lorelei family traditions, she was the first of Hal's children to fit the mold of a Lorelei noble. She excelled at everything, demanded to undergo the Taming two years early and while she loved her elder siblings she was glad to assume their seat of power.[8]

"Liam's One Shot: The Song of the Lorelei" (Sx36)[]

Once Portia was reunited with her siblings in Deastok after a long time apart, they left to go to Castle Lorelei, with the middle sister recommending to take a longer route due to the risk flooding of the Wispern River near the main road. When they saw their home in the distance with no lights but open doors, they approached with suspition. When they finally entered (with Portia breaking a door so they could access the building), the Lorelei siblings discovered the carnage that had taken place in their home. They started to investigate, but despite her training, Portia was unable to catch a scent, overwhelmed by the stench of putrefaction; it was Aurra, instead, who caught their father's scent, and began to track him down the keep. When they arrived at his office, they found Haldur's severed hand and a note stating that he was in the crypts; when Lawrence tried to shield Portia from the harshness of the scene, their oldest sister remarked that Portia was not weak. Also in that room was Vargr, the ancestral longsword of House Lorelei, and Aurra tried to take it, which led to a brief argument with Portia, who had taken over the role of their father's heir after Aurra and Lucius disregarded that position; although the druid questioned whether her younger sister was wise enough, she ended up giving her the weapon.[9]


Fan art of Vargr, by Micaerys.[art 3]

When they inspected the other rooms they discovered their great aunt Katerine dead, with signs of having been killed while fighting.[10] Lucius proposed to bury her, and Aurra suggested doing it in the woods.[11] Although Benicio protested, they ended up agreeing that the two elder siblings would take care of Katerine's body, and then rejoin the rest. The three younger siblings discovered that the intruders had been living in their rooms, even leaving some weapons in Portia's room, leading them to suspect the intruders were still there.

Lucius and Portia by Elaine Tipping

Fan art of Lucius and Portia, by Elaine Tipping.[art 4]

When the Lorelei siblings reunited again, the three youngest showed the firstborn a strange dagger with "Silent Message" written in Elven on the hilt, explaining that they had found it in her room. Aurra recognized the scent of the weapon, comparing it to that of a guest their parents had hosted part of the summer when she was six, adding that the individual (possibly an elf in disguise) had not given her a good feeling. The siblings continued exploring, prepared for a confrontation, and at the family mausoleum, they found three humans who had camped there. A small battle ensued, in which one of the humans raised some of the Lorelei skeletons as undead, and Portia was the first to attack them; at some point Ray, one of the intruders, shot Portia with her crossbow, but Aurra dealt with her instead while the three youngest Lorelei siblings showed off their hemocraft as they fended off the skeletons. At some point, after one of the intruders ran away and the other was killed by the skeletons, and while Aurra was still dealing with Ray, Lucius healed Portia, who immediately entered the crypt, followed by a confused Benicio; however, they ended up waiting, taking a short rest after the battle was over and Aurra had extracted information from Ray before killing her (that she and the other two intruders were working for the mysterious elf and were supposed to weaken the Lorelei siblings). During that break Portia berated her older siblings for their decision to bury Katerine in the woods, away from the rest of House Lorelei. Aurra, however, defended her decision, saying that the old woman deserved a natural burial, and Lucius pointed out that half of their deceased ancestors were wandering the Cyrengreen Forest as undead anyway (an effect of one of the intruder's magic).[12] During that same pause Benicio asked Lucius if he had promised chastity as a cleric, to which he pointed out that his goddess, Sehanine, was the goddess of secret romances, prompting Portia to clarify that Lucius had an active love life, to the surprise of their youngest brother.[13]

The siblings finally entered the crypt, proceeding cautiously in the darkness. Along the way Aurra informed them that she heard someone breathing up ahead, making Portia change into her werewolf form, while Lucius re-inspected the elven dagger with Lawrence, deducing it might be from Xhorhas.

They eventually reached an area with torches where they encounter a chitinous armored drow who has a flail wrapped around Haldur Lorelei's neck. The battle began, and Portia, being the quickest, took Benicio and teleported with him next to the dark elf, whom she attacked; Benny pulled his father away from their enemy roughly, but since the captor had the flail on Lord Lorelei's neck, its barbed edges tore his throat and he began to bleed profusely, which alarmed Aurra, who immediatly went to heal him. Haldur catched his breath and yelled "Stop!", but the battle raged around him. The Kryn agent summoned the Iron Woe: the reanimated grandmother of the siblings, Lady Geneviève, as an undead figure with a lupine head, darkened bones, inky energy coursing through her body, and the remains of Lorelei green drapes covering her skeleton.[14] Portia was the first one attacking their undead enemy, and soon after the elf, now invisible, used the Spiritual Weapon he had summoned before (a glowing bluish-purple jagged spear) to strike the oldest bloodhunter. The Iron Woe managed to fend off Aurra (who had attacked it in direwolf form), and expelled dark energy around itself, radiating anger, pain and sorrow; however, Portia and Benicio resisted the magical effect. This allowed them to keep attacking their undead grandmother despite the emotions of longing and heartbreak that surrounded her. After Aurra and Lucius weakened the Iron Woe with their magic Portia attacked the undead werewolf again, and it responded by giving her a near fatal swipe with its claws. That's when Benicio stepped in and finished off the undead Geneviève Lorelei with his glaive, putting their grandmother again to rest.[15] Soon after the drow, badly wounded, tried to escape, Larry marked him with his blood curse, and Aurra casted Wind Wall to catch him. The force of the current in such a closed space caused the enemy to be hit mercilessly and die.[16]

The siblings brought Haldur to his chambers, where he explained the whole situation and the truth behind his own mother's death, as well as the identity of the drow as his own father and Geneviève's former lover; he told them to learn from such a dark incident in their family history, asking them to help him seal the tomb again in the coming weeks,[17] and expressing how much he loved his children (receiving with humor his middle child's commentary about loving her more).[18] After such intense events he fell asleep, leaving Portia and her siblings thinking about the future of House Lorelei.[19]

Character information[]

Notable items[]

  • Vargr (+2 Longsword)[20]


Variant Human abilities[]

Mechanically speaking, Portia uses an outdated version (from Wayfinder's Guide to Eberron) of the abilities of humans with the Mark of Passage, one of the dragonmarks from Eberron. Since these marks are specific to the world created by Keith Baker and do not have an equivalent in Exandria, within Critical Role canon Portia is currently considered a Variant Human, faster than usual and with an innate magical ability.

Her racial abilities manifested in the episode are:

  • 40 ft. of movement[21]
  • Shared Passage[22]

Werewolf abilities[]

  • Keen hearing and smell
  • Resistance to non-magical slashing, piercing, and bludgeoning damage from non-silvered weapons

Blood Hunter abilities[]

  • Hunter's Bane
  • Blood Maledict (2 uses)
  • Blood Curses (2)
    • Blood Curse of Binding[23]
  • Crimson Rite (1d6)
    • Primal Rite: Rite of the Flame[24]
    • Primal Rite: Rite of the Storm[25]
  • Blood Hunter Order: Order of the Lycan
    • Hybrid Transformation
  • Extra Attack
  • Brand of Castigation

Appearances and mentions[]


  • Portia: These were innocents. These were our people. We were suppose to protect them. This is an act of war.
    Aurra: This is an act of civilization.[26]


  • Portia is the name of one of Uranus' moons, which itself is named after the character from William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice.
    • Her name seems to be a variant of the Latin word porta (door). In a certain way, it references her magical ability to transport herself and others.
    • Both her name and her mother's refer to characters from Shakespeare.
  • She's at least seven years younger than Aurra.[27]
  • She was the Lorelei sibling with the highest initiative in all the battles they were in during the one-shot.
  • Portia and Yasha Nydoorin are the only player characters that mechanically benefit from dragonmarks, even if lorewise those powers don't come from literal dragonmarks (which are exclusive to Eberron).


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