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Port Zoon is a coastal city located about three days travel northwest of Nicodranas and south of Feolinn along the Menagerie Coast of Wildemount.[2]


Port Zoon is a city of industry and science, with entire districts dedicated to metallurgy and smithing. It is a compact city with metal beams and tall stone structures, including strange towers where arcane and scientific experts are employed. The guilds of the city run various schools and halls that make the city an excellent place to learn a trade. The city has abundant inns, taverns, and businesses for the sale of commodities. There are temples to gods across the pantheon, but a gargantuan temple to Moradin looms over the city. Atop that temple is a statue of the god with cables tethering it to other high points in the city, and these cables are strung with lanterns that light the evening sky.[3]

The city is split into four "spheres" or districts:

  • The central Genesis Sphere or Hammer Sphere: The largest district and nexus for the others, with its main thoroughfares lined with housing and warehouses. At its center is the aforementioned Temple Genesis of the All-Hammer, surrounded by forges, factories, and schools, then student and employee housing in the outer ring.
  • The Harbor Sphere: Docks, warehouses, naval housing and weapons storage.
  • The Assay Sphere: Smelters, coal refineries, and a tower called the Timuafa where experiments in weather control are conducted.
  • The Sentry Sphere: Poor tenements, humble temples, and barracks for the Shore Wardens.[4]


Prior to war breaking out between the Dwendalian Empire and Xhorhas, merchant families would travel up the Amber Road in caravans of five or six carts to sell wares in Zadash and bring back goods for sale in Port Zoon.[5] The city is known for having good, brawny blacksmiths.[6]

Port Zoon is under the rule of the Clovis Concord.[7] The marquis of Port Zoon, Alamads Haddou, lays down the law in clear language and enacts swift justice by the letter of the law.[8]


Being the Clovis Concord's industrial center, Port Zoon has a population of 19,120 as of the year 835 PD. 80% of the population is human, 7% halfling, and 13% other races.[1]

Notable People


In the decades after Percival de Rolo invented firearms, the tinkerers of Port Zoon notably contributed to advances in gunpowder technology.[11]

During the War of Ash and Light, many warships were stationed in Port Zoon as part of an effort to prevent the war from spilling into Concord territory.[12]


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