Port Damali is the largest and westernmost of the city-states on the Menagerie Coast, being the major hub of trade between all the western bits of civilization including Tal'Dorei, Marquet, and Issylra.[4] It has a strong connection with the Myriad, to the point that they allegedly run the city.[5] Though "most anything is legal" in Port Damali,[5] it is still a member of the Clovis Concord.

Seeker Assum Emring described the city as being near the coast of the Shearing Channel,[6] but it is a fair distance southeast of those rough waters[7] and shielded by the Vezdali Peninsula.

City Description

As a major hub of trade and travel built around a massive port, Damali is an energetic center of commerce and culture that also attracts criminals and the poor; the opulent inner city contrasts with the squalor of the outer wards, despite the latter's best efforts to add color.[8] The city is also a center of naval power, as a quarter of the Clovis Concord's fleet is concentrated near the city.[9] The city's cultural diversity is reflected in a dizzying array of architecture.[10]

The city is built on a series of leveled hills where the Tyodan River meets the Lucidian Ocean.

Points of Interest

  • Exalted Collection Auction House[11]
  • Library of the Cobalt Soul[12]
  • Skyport - the only one on the continent[10]

Interior Wards

The interior wards of the city are connected by the Prism Path, a set of winding roads made of smooth, multicolored stone.

The Beaded Alley

The Crescents

The Gilded Esplanade

The Larboard Light

The Tumbledowns



Being the unofficial capital of the Clovis Concord, Port Damali has the largest population on the coast at 82,110 by the year 835 PD. It is fairly diverse, with only 51% of the population being human. Halflings make up 16% and elves make up 15%, with other races making up 18%.[3]

Notable People

Name Type Description
Fjord PC Half-orc warlock and a member of The Mighty Nein.
The Briarwoods NPC Fugitives from the Dwendalian Empire.[13]
Dr. Anna Ripley NPC Fugitives from the Dwendalian Empire.[14]
Lawrence NPC Former tutor and love interest of Taryon Darrington and member of the Darrington Brigade.
Calianna PC Half-elf draconic sorcerer and ally of The Mighty Nein.
Twiggy PC Gnome rogue and ally of The Mighty Nein.
Father Dwondaff Pierce NPC Contact of the Gentleman.
Sir Cadigan NPC A "rascally man", the prior owner of the Happy Fun Ball. Wears a big ring with a green stone.[15]




  • Jester and Fjord met near Port Damali some time before they encountered Beauregard and the rest of the party, and they have been traveling together since.[16]


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