Port Damali is the largest and westernmost of the city-states on the Menagerie Coast, being the major hub of trade between all the western bits of civilization including Tal'Dorei, Marquet and Issylra.[1] It is located near the southwest coast of The Shearing Channel in Wildemount[2], and west of the ruins of Draconia. It has a strong connection with the Myriad, to the point that it is allegedly run by them.[3] Though "most anything is legal" in Port Damali[3], it is still a member of the Clovis Concord.

City DescriptionEdit



Notable PeopleEdit

Name Type Description
Fjord PC Half-orc warlock and a member of The Mighty Nein.
The Briarwoods‎ NPC Fugitives from the Dwendalian Empire.[4]
Dr. Anna Ripley NPC Fugitives from the Dwendalian Empire.[5]
Lawrence NPC Former tutor and love interest of Taryon Darrington and member of the Darrington Brigade.
Calianna PC Half-elf draconic sorcerer and ally of The Mighty Nein.
Twiggy PC Gnome rogue and ally of The Mighty Nein.
Father Dwondaff Pierce NPC Contact of the Gentleman.
Sir Cadigan NPC A "rascally man", the prior owner of the Happy Fun Ball. Wears a big ring with a green stone.[6]

Points of InterestEdit

  • Exalted Collection Auction House[6]
  • Library of the Cobalt Soul[7]




  • Jester and Fjord met near Port Damali some time before they encountered Beauregard and the rest of the party, and they have been traveling together since.[8]

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