Poppin Drokrusher was Wardenhelm of the Gearhold Prison.[1] As an NPC, Poppin Drokrusher is played by Matthew Mercer.

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Poppin Drokrusher was an older, grizzled gnome. He wore a series of robes and a cloak with gold-colored tassels and epaulets. His hair had receded almost entirely to the back. What bits of clustered gray hair on the sides remained, he was attempting to slick and comb back with one large part of it trying to cover the massive bald spot, but with any movement it wobbled and had to settle itself back into place.[2]

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The Mighty Nein agreed to kill the Gear Warden, hoping thereby to obtain the release of Gilda and Wallace Schuster. When they succeeded in their mission, the Wardenhelm agreed to the Schusters' release upon the party giving up their reward and in addition paying 150 gp.

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