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This page is about the title "Plank King". For information on the current Plank King, see Wyatt Maranoss.

Plank King is the title of the leader of The Revelry. The Plank King rules The Revelry's stronghold at Darktow Isle. As ruler of the Revelry, The Plank King allows the numerous pirating vessels of the faction the use of Darktow as a place of refuge to trade and sell their ill gotten goods as well as for the repair and maintenance of their ships at no cost. However, the Plank King expects a percentage of all earnings from their activities as tribute each time they come to port regardless of the need for those services at the time.[1]

Additionally, the Plank King holds the responsibility of maintaining a basic system of law and order amongst The Revelry's members. In the event of a major dispute between two or more Revelry members pertaining to the breaking of the law, their case is brought before the Plank King at which point the parties argue their cases and the Plank King makes judgement accordingly. If one party is found to be at fault, depending on the severity of the offence, the offending party may be sentenced to pay some form of restitution to the offended party or may even be put to death if the Plank King deems it suitable.[2][3]

The current Plank King of the Revelry is Wyatt Maranoss, who got the title after challenging and killing his predecessor.[4]

Known Plank Kings

  • Hunnis Breeah: Plank King for the first 25 years of the Revelry, until Wyatt Maranoss challenged and defeated him in 820 PD.
  • Wyatt Maranoss: Plank King as of 836 PD.


  • The formation of the Revelry with the taking of Darktow Isle is stated in "A Hole In the Plan" (2x42) to be "about 45 years or so" ago,[5]​ which does not necessarily conflict with the statement in the Explorer's Guide to Wildemount statement that it happened "over 40 years" ago.[6] However, Breeah's reign of 25 years and Wyatt's reign of 15 years adds to 40. Either, the figure is closer to 40, as suggested in the Explorer's Guide, or there was a period of years where there was no Plank King.


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