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The Pillow Trove was the biggest inn in Zadash and served expensive clientele in the Tri-Spire.


Made of marble, this luxurious inn had a cylindrical appearance in the front which turned into a blocky building in the back.

Beyond the steps leading up to arched doorway of the inn[1], were gold and purple pillars which held up the various walled intersections.

The foyer area is well lit by candles resting on hooks in the walls. There is a beautiful semi-circular desk. The air is filled with the pleasant scents of candles and various flowers, notably of lavender.[2]


The inn had three tiers of rooms:

  • General Suite - 10gp per night
  • Lordly Suite - 20gp per night
  • Diplomatic Invitational Suite - 50gp per night


  • Madame LuennaThe proprietor of the inn was an elven woman that had brown hair and golden eyes. She was of an older graceful age showing lines down her cheeks. She wore a beautiful laced red dress that went up to her neck though had a cleavage window.
  • The desk clerk of the inn was a human woman, in her mid-20s, she had straight jet black hair that dangled past her shoulders.

Patrons []

  • A rather bounding obese merchant in his late 40s or so, what was sniffling and rubbing his nose. He was dressed really well, though perhaps in a size too small, as he seemed to be trying to reclaim a presentation of a younger self and he hasn't quite come to terms with the fact that he's hitting that age.
  • Jester rented out one night in one of the General Suites on number 12 on the second floor, the third door on the left. Her room was a beautiful small room with a balcony. The room was well decorated and had a nice queen-size canopy bed with sheets made of layered lace, and a dresser with a mirror.


Someone at the Pillow Trove is an asset for the Cobalt Soul; this individual intercepted and transcribed a letter from Marion Lavorre to Jester Lavorre.[3]