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Phase spiders are giant arachnid monstrosities that originate from the Ethereal Plane and can transport between that plane and the Material Plane at will.[4][5]


These arachnid creatures are of a pale white and blue color, with spindly legs that reach out to a width of ten feet or more. They have giant dripping fangs and rows of beady red eyes.[6]


  • Attacks:
    • Bite: The phase spider can make a bite attack that deals piercing damage and additional poison damage (conditional on a saving throw).[7]
  • Ethereal Jaunt: The phase spider can move between the ethereal plane and the material plane in either direction as a bonus action.[8]

Known Phase Spiders[]

Vox Machina encountered several phase spiders in the Hall of the Exalt, a vault beneath the Platinum Sanctuary.

Yasha-Phase Spider

Fan art of Yasha fighting the phase spider, by Carlos Lerma.[art 2]

The Mighty Nein encountered a phase spider in the sewers of Zadash.


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