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A Periapt of Wound Closure is a magical item with restorative properties.


The periapt is a pendant with a darkened ivory spiral and a roughly-sculpted heart.[4]

While someone attuned to the pendant wears it, if they fall unconscious and would normally be making death saves, they will stabilize at 0 HP at the start of their next turn. Additionally, when they roll hit dice to regain hit points, they may double the number rolled on the dice.[5][1]


On the island of Viscan, Grog first time shown to have a Periapt of Wound Closure, saying that he got it "when we were looting and stuff" (presumably from Thordak's hoard). He attempted to trade it to Vex for the Deck of Many Things, unknowingly exchanging the periapt only for a pouch formed like the mentioned deck.[6]

Mollymauk bought the periapt from Pumat Sol at The Invulnerable Vagrant for 150 gp.[7] It stabilized him when he was knocked unconscious during the battle against the hill giant in the Victory Pit in Zadash.[8] Beauregard took it from his body after his death and tossed it to Caleb,[9] and it stabilized him when he was knocked unconscious in the battle against Khedive Xundi in the Sluice Weave.[10]

After the Mighty Nein's narrow escape from the Temple of the False Serpent on Urukayxl, Caleb gave the periapt to Caduceus, saying that, "It just feels right that it's with you."[11] The periapt stabilized Caduceus when he fell under the well in Asarius.[12] When the Mighty Nein encountered Vokodo on Rumblecusp, Caduceus offered the periapt to him when the shield his sister had made proved unacceptable.[13] Veth recovered it from Vokodo's lair after he had been killed and returned it to Caduceus.[14]


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