Wildemount, Version 20,6 (PR)

Map of Wildemount with the Penumbra Range shaded blue-grey and outlined in dark red.

The Penumbra Range is a mountain range bounding Xhorhas to the east and north and separating it from Blightshore.


The Penumbra Range is the line of mountains bounding Xhorhas to the east and north, with a gap in the north allowing access to the sea. The city of Rosohna lies at their base, surrounded to the south and east by them, and the village of Bazzoxan is at the base of the northern range.[1] East of the Range lies Blightshore. At least one Luxon Beacon was found in the Penumbra Range about 700 years ago.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • The Braan: Stronghold of the stone giants, from the outside it appears to be a fortress of rough slabs and placed stones. The sides have decorations of tattered leather and sculpted bone that frame the interior. Each side of the stronghold embeds itself into the sides of the wall of the mountain. The front doorway stands about 20 feet tall. It extends into the mountain in a series of rooms and chambers.[2]


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