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The Pearlbow Wilderness is a vast forest along the eastern portion of the Dunrock Mountains, north of Rexxentrum.


The Pearlbow Wilderness is a densely wooded[1] boreal forest, AKA taiga.[2] During the full moon, elves from Bysaes Tyl, dedicated followers of the Moon Weaver, hold a secret festival in the forest, since the Dwendalian Empire prohibits her public worship.[3] The trappers from Icehaven, westward from the forest, are frequent guest in the Pearlbow Wilderness, hunting for furs and meats to peddle.[4]

Notable Locations[]

  • Bysaes Tyl, an elven city in the northwestern portion of the woods, founded by some of the survivors of the destruction of Molaesmyr.[2]
  • Erdeloch, one of two large lakes in the Zemni Fields, the other being the Kaltenloch. Its north shores, nestled within the Pearlbow Wilderness, are known to be filled with local wildlife and indigenous monsters.[5]
  • Odessloe, a logging town on the southern edge.[6]
  • Vergesson Sanatorium, a hospital and political prison.[7]


The Mighty Nein did not spend much time in the Pearlbow Wilderness, but they did travel through it briefly during their heist of the Vergesson Sanatorium.[8] Caleb also teleported the threshold crest taken from the Tombtakers into the forest, as Eiselcross's magic caused his attempted teleportation to Rexxentrum to miss its target.[9]



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