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A Pearl of Power is a magical item that allows a spellcaster to regain one expended spell slot of 3rd-level or lower once per dawn.


"While this pearl is on your person, you can use an action to speak its command word and regain one expended spell slot. If the expended slot was of 4th level or higher, the new slot is 3rd level. Once you use the pearl, it can't be used again until the next dawn."[3]


Campaign One: Vox Machina[]

First seen in the first campaign as an item for sale at Gilmore's Glorious Goods,[4] the pearl came under the possession of Vex'ahlia.[5] As a ranger, it proved to be a worthwhile asset to her otherwise smaller pool of spell slots.

Campaign Two: The Mighty Nein[]

Another pearl of power was found in The Invulnerable Vagrant, under the ownership of Enchanter Pumat Sol. It was purchased by Jester Lavorre.[6]

Exandria Unlimited[]

Both Dariax Zaveon[7] and Opal[8] acquired Pearls of Power. In Kymal, an adolescent pickpocket, Jinoir, stole Opal's pearl, but Fy'ra Rai was able to chase Jinoir down and retrieve the item.[9]



  • Both pearls of power seen in the main campaigns were purchased and subsequently used by characters played by Laura Bailey.


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