The Parchwood Timberlands is a dense pine forest surrounding Whitestone and the Alabaster Sierras. Locals tell stories of many dangerous inhabitants of this forest, from specters of lost travelers to wandering blights and centaurs.[2]

History Edit

The valley where the Parchwood Timberland now stands was created by the forces unleashed in a cataclysmic battle between Pelor and Tharizdun during the Calamity.[3]

Following the fall of the Briarwoods in Whitestone in 810 PD, some of the zombie giants still wandered the Parchwood, now without masters.[2]

Shortly afterward, the Parchwood came under the protection of Galdric the wolf[4][5] and then the new Grand Mistress of the Grey Hunt, Vex'ahlia de Rolo.[6][7][8]


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